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Jr/Sr Officials,

THANK YOU for coaching our older players. They deserve a league of their own. They deserve all the resources and as much time and effort as we give to our younger divisions. The physical activity, practices, game play, social contact with peers and lessons in sportsmanship are just as important to these players as it is to their younger brothers and sisters.

And now couple of reminders for you: 

1.)  Only 1 manager & 2 coaches on the field prior & during the game. All other coaches, 
       assistants, helper Dads, batboys, are to be outside the fence prior to & during the game. 
       Managers: If you have 4 or 5 dads/coaches hanging around “helping” you inside the fence
       prior to games, during games, or coming back and forth from spectator area to bench area 
       to “encourage” players or “advise” you, THAT is not allowed by LL Rule. Keep Out. Tell those helper dads to go have a seat and leave you alone because they are violating LL Rules.

2.) Thresholding your pitcher. Most of you understand how to use the pitch count record to 
     limit your pitcher’s pitches & keep them eligible for another game. Great. Now be sure to record
     that “threshold number” on the pitch count form instead of the actual number of pitches.
     For example: 20 instead of 23
                           35 instead of 37
                           50 instead of 52
                           65 instead of 66, if they started that last batter pitched to, below the threshold.
    I know in the hustle & bustle of the post game wrap up it may seem like a minor thing but it is 
    very important you and your scorekeeper get those numbers correct.

3.) After the postgame team handshakes: Go immediately to your plate umpire to sign 
     the lineup cards and then see your official scorekeeper to sign his/her paperwork
     Do not leave these volunteers hanging. 
     Your players & assistant coaches are old enough to know how to clean up/clear out the 
     dugout and wait for you to finish signing paperwork before you have your postgame meeting. 



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