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MapleBrook Family Grant Policy

MapleBrook Soccer Association (MPB) is committed to providing a quality youth soccer experience.  It is our desire to help families presently experiencing financial hardship.  Each year, MPB sets aside a Board approved designated amount to be granted to families in need of support.  This program is known as the Family Grant Program.

The financial assistance is generally limited to part or all of the club fees only and shall not exceed 50% of the total annual cost (club fees, team fees, uniforms, registration) without special circumstances, additional volunteerism, and documented evidence of need.
MPB shall uphold the following guidelines in reviewing grant applications: 

Financial Assistance is not an athletic “scholarship.” No approval or disapproval of an application for Financial Assistance shall be based in whole or in part upon an applicant’s relative skills or ability in the game of soccer.
Volunteer Time
MPB expects each player and/or parent or guardian receiving financial assistance to volunteer time to support MPB in addition to the MPB family volunteer requirements.  The amount of the volunteer time is at the discretion of the Financial Assistance Committee and is based, in part, on the consideration factors listed below.  By accepting Financial Assistance, families agree to this volunteer participation.
For applications to be considered, the applicant shall have completed their MPB club registration, including full payment of the non-refundable registration fee.  Applications will not be considered if the registration fee is not paid. 

Additionally, Family Grant recipients will submit a $350 deposit check to the Financial Assistance Committee.  This check will be held until completion of volunteer time, at which point it will be shredded.  If volunteer time is not completed, the check will be cashed.
Making the Request
The applicant’s parents or guardians shall apply using the application form found on the MPB website.  The application deadline is November 1 prior to the season of play.  Awards will be granted in December.  If funds remain, late requests will be accepted with a deadline of March 1 and a secondary grant will be done in March.

Evidence of Need
The applicant’s parents or guardians seeking financial assistance shall provide a statement of need as part of the application form.  MPB reserves the right to request additional evidence of need at its discretion. 

Factors to Consider
MPB shall attempt to provide appropriate funding for all applicants.  When more requests are received than funds can cover, MPB shall consider (but not be limited to) such funding priorities as:
•    Applicant’s relevant history as a MPB participant
•    The risk of dissolving (losing) an MPB team due to insufficient players on the roster without player(s) receiving Financial Assistance
•    Financial assistance funds benefitting as many MPB participants as possible
•    Financial assistance funds benefitting as many MPB teams as possible

Note: Factors listed above are considerations to be taken into account by the MPB Financial Assistance Committee and are not intended as the only criteria for awarding Financial Assistance.  Due to limited funds, some requests may be denied.

Financial Assistance Committee
All applications received are to be reviewed by the MPB Financial Assistance Committee.  The committee shall consist of the MPB Vice-President, Treasurer and at least one other member of the MPB Board of Directors as appointed by the Board.  If a member of the Financial Assistance Committee has a personal interest in an application they will recuse themselves from consideration of the application.
Privacy and Confidentiality
MPB shall use all reasonable efforts to maintain privacy of Family Grant applicants and recipients. 

Summer 2019 Application Deadline 
Grant recipients will be notified by the MPB Financial Assistance committee on or before December 15, 2018.

Family Grant Policy (Spanish)
Family Grant Policy (Hmong)

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