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Jun, 2019



Every year, Kearney Little League managers and coaches in the Minor AAA, Major, and Junior divisions nominate and vote for a winner of the Pete Markus Sportsmanship Award, which is named for a former Kearney Little League coach who died following an injury on the field while coaching.    The winners are announced at the All-Star Game that is played in each division.  The AAA and Major Division games will be Wednesday, June 19th at Patriot Park, and the Junior Division game will be Monday, June 24th at Memorial Field.  As always, the public is invited and admission is free. 


Here is a selection of the 2019 nominations from one of the age divisions:


  • I would like to nominate redacted, from the redacted team, for the Pete Markus Sportsmanship Award.  Redacted is a quiet, reserved young man who leads by example.  He always does what is asked of him and maintains a positive attitude throughout the game, regardless of the score.  Redacted exemplifies the spirit of Little League! Thanks for your consideration. 


  • My pick for the sportsmanship award from our team is redacted.  He is a little guy who plays big. He is everything you look for in a ball player and more importantly a teammate. He plays 100 percent all the time. Will play any position with enthusiasm and a smile on his face. You can tell he truly loves the game. He always has an encouraging word for all his teammates no matter if it’s for a good play or a strike out. He would be very deserving young man for this award.


  • While we have several kids on the team that are deserving of this award, redacted has displayed excellent sportsmanship and has displayed the ability to cheer on everybody whether on offense or defense, even if the team is winning or losing.  He has always shown up for practice and games with the same high spirted attitude, joking around with coaches and teammates.  Having the opportunity to coach redacted this year has been a pleasure and believe he is a great kid. 


  • I would like to nominate redacted for the Pete Markus Sportsmanship Award. Redacted is so fun to watch play the game. He is always giving it his all on the field. Redacted might not be the best player on my team but I would love to coach this kid every year. He is a great teammate that is always supportive towards his teammates. He literally would do anything that is asked of him on and off the field with no complaining. Of all my years of coaching Little League redacted is the most deserving kid I have coached over the years. Please consider him for this award as he is very deserving. 


  • I would like to nominate redacted from the redacted team.  He plays every position and is always giving 100%.  He is full blast all the time and is always willing to hustle.  Early in the year I asked him to play catcher and he was going to his knees on every pitch “practicing” blocking a ball in the dirt even if it was a ball high. Redacted is what every coach wants, a kid who will give you everything he’s got and make the corrections you ask them to make.


  • I would like to nominate redacted for the Pete Markus Sportsmanship Award. Redacted always has a positive attitude and cheers on his teammates. He leads by example and doesn't let negative things affect him or his teammates. He is always encouraging others and strives to do his best no matter the situation. I think redacted would be a very qualified candidate for this award.


  • I would like to nominate redacted for the Pete Markus Sportsmanship Award. This is redacted’s first year of playing baseball and he is usually the first one to a practice or a game and always has a smile and an encouraging word for his teammates. He is always hustling and is more than happy to play any position we put him in. His enthusiasm when he or his teammates makes a good play is infectious. I believe redacted would be well deserving of the Pete Markus Sportsmanship Award.

Kearney Little League is a program of service to youth.  It is geared to provide an outlet of healthful activity and training under good leadership in the atmosphere of wholesome community participation.  The movement is dedicated to helping children become good and decent citizens.  It inspires them with a goal and enriches their lives towards the day when they must take their places in the world.  It establishes the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play.

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