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Aug, 2021

Kearney Little League Encourages Support for Hastings Little League

Kearney Little League Encourages Support for Hastings Little League with a Donation to their Tournament Team!

In August of 2012, the Kearney community stepped up big with support for our Little League’s tournament team when they went to the Midwest Regional in Indianapolis, and then to the World Series.  Kearney’s win in the championship game at the 2012 Midwest Regional in Indianapolis marked the first time, and until this year the only time, that a Nebraska league advanced to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  While playing in the Little League World Series is the trip of a lifetime for the players, the financial burden of such a lengthy time away from home is significant. The team ended up being away from Kearney for 25 straight days, and it was an invaluable comfort for the players to know that their parents were nearby during many of the games. 

Also in 2012, in late October, several board members from Kearney Little League travelled to meet with youth baseball advocates from Hastings about Little League.  This meeting resulted in Hastings ultimately choosing to seek a Little League charter, and to start down the path of creating their own Little League tradition.  Kearney Little League is proud to have their company, and happy for the increased competition that Hastings baseball has brought to Little League in Nebraska.

We encourage all who have an appreciation for the game of baseball and for all that Little League adds to our national pastime, to consider donating to the Hastings Little League tournament team.  Click on this link to make your contribution:

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