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Jun, 2022

Message from KLL Board

Minors and Majors All Star Games and Tournament Teams

Congratulations to everyone participating in Kearney Little League this year – it has been a great season of baseball!  The efforts and attitudes displayed by the players have exemplified the important ideals found in the Little League Pledge about playing fair, striving to win, and doing your best.  In addition, the efforts and attitudes displayed by the adults who support Little League have been admirable, and have followed closely the words found in the Little League Parent/Volunteer Pledge about teaching all children to play fair and do their best; positively supporting all managers, coaches and players; respecting the decisions of the umpires; and praising good efforts despite the outcome of games. 

The Little League board of directors would like to express our profound appreciation for these wholesome attitudes and efforts.  Little League’s noble purpose, which is to use the great game of baseball as an outlet of healthful activity and training to help the players become good and decent citizens, is only possible thanks to the efforts and attitudes of these youth and adult participants. 

Congratulations also go to the 60 players who participated in the AAA and Major All Star Games which were held on June 15th.  The night of these All Star Games is always one of the highlights of the year in Kearney, and this year was no exception.  Please celebrate the players elected by their managers and coaches for the honor of participating in the All Star Games, and also the many players who received votes but fell just short of election to the games. 

Also, congratulations to the fortunate few chosen to represent Kearney Little League in the Minor and Major League state tournaments: 

 Minor League Roster
Zach Arens, Parker Bowman, Hendrex Cochran, Drake Erdman, Hudson Fryda, Brayden Hock, Henson Howard, Tate Meier, Kole Mills, Jack Ondrak, Conner Pesek, Tristen Shapley, Briggs Stubbs, and Nolan Wright. 

This team will be led by manager Bob Hock, and coaches Jesse Arens and Zach Ondrak.

Major League Roster
Kade Fuller, Hagen Gates, Caden Gilbreath, Cooper Gillespie, Easton Haas, Cooper Johnson, Nolan Larson, Bryson Lewis, Kael Nebesniak, Max Ondrak, Cole Rehtus, Traxton Tobey, and Blake Uelmen

This team will be led by manager Dane Tobey, and coaches Seth Gates and Mike Johnson, along with practice coach Troy Lewis.

For those chosen to participate on these tournament teams, we wish you good luck in your preparations and in your tournaments.  Remember that you are representing not only yourselves and your families, but also your regular season teammates, Kearney Little League overall, and the entire Kearney area.  Thank you for your diligent efforts, your positive attitudes and your excellent sportsmanship!

All those who were not elected to these teams can hold their heads high for the great efforts shown this season.  While it’s natural to experience some disappointment at not being chosen to play in the state tournament, every player can continue to display great sportsmanship and honor by congratulating those teammates and friends who are among the fortunate few to represent us in the post-season. Go Kearney!



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