Major League Softball


·         11-12


About This Level:

·         The objective of the Major Division program is to continue improving on basic skills such as catching, throwing, batting, bunting, fielding, base running and for those that want to, pitching.  The speed of the game is faster from coach pitch levels.  Players will learn to focus on timing as a batter and other fundamentals of the swing.  Pitchers are needed as age determines maximum allowable pitches that can be thrown.  

·         At this level they should be learning basic game strategies, both offensive and defensive (such as when to or not to bunt) and learn to read and implement signals.

·         Teamwork and team loyalty is also important.



·         Team information: you will be contacted by your child’s coach via email, phone call or text.

·         Games: a schedule will be provided to you by your coach

·         Practices: set by the Coaches.

·         The League attempts to avoid Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday practice or game play



What to Expect:

·         At the 11-12 level the players have developed timing and physical ability for game play.  Pitching is faster and batting requires heightened focus and timing.  

·         With all sports physical development is a factor in determining ability.  It is the coach’s job to ensure your child's safety and in doing so determining the best positions for the children to play.  Infield play is fast and requires a defensive glove to ensure safety of the player.  The coach will evaluate every player and determine their ability to defend themselves at all positions.    

·         Kids should be on the field 15-30 mins prior to game start time

·          Each team must have a scorekeeper, umpire and a scoreboard operator

    • Parents are asked to volunteer to help for these positions



2020 Major League Softball Coaches TBD


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