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Upper Makefield Newtown Basketball


Information About Our Intramural Teams: 

The 12-game intramural season runs from December through mid-March (weather permitting). We do not keep a record of wins and losses in our intramural league. We will not identify a league champion.

Skills clinics are provided for the following age groups

  • Boys – 2nd thru 6th grade - November
  • Girls – 2nd thru 6th grade - November 
  • Boys & Girls – 7th thru 12th grade - December

The Upper Makefield Newtown Basketball League is instructional in its orientation.  The primary objective of the clinics is to introduce the skills needed to play the game of basketball.  Drill stations will consist of dribbling, passing, shooting, defense and offensive spacing/movement.  We also use the clinics to evaluate skill levels to ensure we assemble evenly balanced teams. 

Our 3rd/4th and 5th/6th grade teams (boys and girls) will practice once per week and play one game over the weekend. Practices will start after Thanksgiving and will be based on the completion of team assignments. 

Our 2nd grade teams (boys and girls) will start the 12-game season in December. Game day consists of skills & drills, followed by a scrimmage. 

Our high school boys program (7th grade thru 12th grade) will play one game per weekend (on a Sunday) and will not practice during the week.  Games will begin in January. 

Tentative age group game times and locations are as follows:

  • Boys 2nd grade – Sundays - location/time TBA
  • Boys 3rd & 4th grade – Saturdays - location/time TBA
  • Boys 5th & 6th grade –Saturdays - location/time TBA
  • Boys 7th – 12th grade – Sundays @ George School 12:00 - 4:00pm  (starting in January) 
  • Girls 2nd grade – Sundays - location/time TBA 
  • Girls 3rd & 4th grade – Saturdays - location/time TBA 
  • Girls 5th & 6th grade – Saturdays - location/time TBA 
  • Girls 7th –9th grade –TBA

NOTE: Days, times and locations may change pending gym schedule availability.

An intramural coaching commitment requires organizing one (1) practice a week and coaching one (1) game per weekend.  In some cases, coaches are asked to referee games either prior to or after their scheduled game.  All coaches MUST attend the coach’s clinic prior to the start of the season.

All players and parents are asked to respect the gym property and to behave in an acceptable manner during the season.  Any abusive behavior or foul language will result in the immediate dismissal of coach, player or parent from the league.  The league enforces a code of conduct that all parents are asked to review and become familiar with.

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