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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've Registered and Tried Out. When Will I Hear What Team I Am On?

We are so glad to have you join and/or return to our MLL Family! Now that you have registered and completed an evaluation, the next step is the Draft! Managers will be completing the Draft this season on February 8th and February 9th.  After the Draft is completed, our board begins immediately building the teams, and giving our Managers the contact information for their players.  We expect you to hear from your Managers right around the Middle of February.

Q: What is the Difference Between "With Buyout" and "Without Buyout" When Registering?
There are many costs associated with the maintaining, developing, and running of a Little League during a season. While some of those costs are covered by the registration fees paid by players, there are many other costs which are not.  Field Usage Fees (a per hour cost for our teams to practice/play), Light Usage, Equipment, and Field Maintenance just to name a few! 

To help offset these costs, we require each player to participate in a fundraiser activity. However, this season we elected to give our players a choice in how they participate: Players can either participate in the fundraiser, or elect to "Buy Out" of participating by registering with a slightly increased cost.

If you selected "Without Buyout" it means that you wish to participate in the Fundraiser Activity this season.
If you selected "With Buyout" it means that you do NOT wish to participate in the Fundraiser Activity this season, and paid a slightly increased registration cost.

Q: What Kind of Equipment Does My Player Need?

The League will provide bats and helmets for player use (though you are welcome to purchase your own!)
Players are required to have a glove and cleats (T-ballers can certainly get away with tennis shoes)

When the mission is safety, injury prevention is the first step! Please see below for Equipment Safety Requirements!

Helmets : Must meet NOCSAE specifications and standards (affixed with NOCSAE symbol).

Bats : USABat Standard bats must be used in the Little League Major Baseball Division and below. Either USABat Standard bats  or  BBCOR bats must be used at the Intermediate (50/70) Baseball and Junior League Baseball Divisions. At the Senior League Baseball Division, all bats must be meet the BBCOR standard.

Catcher’s gear : Catchers must wear a catcher’s helmet (with face mask and dangling throat protector; skull caps not permitted per Little League), chest protector (long-model or short-model), and shin guards. Male catchers must wear a protective supporter and cup at all times.

Protective cups : All young men should wear protective athletic cups while playing baseball, and all male catchers are required to wear them.

Sports bras: All young ladies should wear supportive athletic undergarments.

Balls : Only official Little League balls will be used during practices and games.

Face mask/chin guard for helmets : In order to use a helmet attachment in Little League play, the helmet manufacturer must provide a notice indicating that affixing the protector to the helmet has not voided the helmet’s NOCSAE certification. That notice must be shown to the umpire prior to the game. (Per Little League Regulations)

Q: When Are Practices and Games? How Many Practices/Games Are There Each Week?

Little League Regulations dictate exactly how many "events" a team can have per week.  For T-ball there will be two (2) events per week. For all other divisions there can be three (3) events.  An event is any organized/coordinated Little League Event. It can be a game, practice, or batting cage trip. 

For Example: A T-ball team with one game in a week, can practice once that week.   A Major Division team with one game in a week can practice twice.

Once our teams are built following the Draft, our coaches will be receiving contact information for their players and informing them of practice times and locations.  There are several possible locations for practice including, but not limited to: Lake Gregory Education Center, Twin Peaks Harich Field, Charles Hoffman Elementary, Valley of Enchantment Elementary, MPH Middle School, & Lake Arrowhead Elementary.  Your coach will contact you with days and locations.

The 2023 Schedule is being built.  Schedules will be announced once finalized.  T-ball games are typically on Saturday Mornings.  All other divisions can play throughout the week.

Q: I Want to Volunteer, But I Am Confused About What Is Required. Can You Help?

Thank you for your interest in giving your time and energy to the kids in our community! Much of this information is available on "Safety" section of our website.

In short, there are certain requirements put in place by Little League International, as well as California State law, that must be satisfied before an individual can volunteer.  To make sure that these minimum requirements are met, Mountains Little League requires that the following be completed before a volunteer may interact with players on the field:

  • A Completed Volunteer Online Application (Available On Our Website) - This lets us know about your interest and how to contact you!
  • Completion of PureBaseball Coaching Certificates "A" and "B" - Find links and more on the "Safety" tab of our website!
  • Completion of a Concussion Awareness Course - Find the link on our "Safety" tab of our website!
  • Completion of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest Course - Link also in our "Safety" tab above!
  • A Completed Background Check - You will get the website and login information once you have completed your Safety/Coaching Certifications

For more information about volunteering, please reach out to our Coaching Coordinator.
For more information about the safety clearance process, please reach out to our Safety Officer.

Can't wait to see you on the field!

Q: I want my player to play for Coach "X" team. Can you just put me on that team?

Little League International has very specific rules regarding the placement of players on teams.  (Check out those rules by clicking here!) In the interest of fairness and equity, all divisions Farm and Older are selected via a Draft System, where players are chosen by managers pursuant to Little League Draft Option "B".  T-ball players are placed on teams with a focus on geographic location on our Mountain.

Q: I Am Signed Up To Volunteer To Manage A Team. I Have An Assistant Coach That I Want to Work With Me. Can I Make Him A Coach Prior To The Draft? Does That Coach's Child Become Part Of My Team Automatically?

Per Little League Rules, Assistant Coaches may not be named prior to the draft.  This means that a Manager may not proactively appoint an assistant coach prior to a team being drafted.  The Manager may select an assistant coach after his team is drafted.  Click here for a link to the Little League Rule!

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