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Shasta Jr Wolves Youth Football & Cheer

Practice Information
Practice is held at ShastaHigh School on the West side of Redding. Our 14u and 12u teams practice on the turf field (stadium) while the 10u and 8 teams are on the practice fields.  All Cheer squads practice on the left hand side of the turf field behind the uprights.

Parents are welcome to watch but must stay 50ft away from practice at all times or in the stands for the teams that practice in the stadium. It is helpful for parents to watch practice to see what skills, schemes, and techniques are being taught and what role their athlete has on team to support them throughout the player progression.  It is very important for parents to understand their role as a spectator at practices and allow their child to be with the team and coaches without parental interference during practice time, which allows our coaches to focus on coaching and our players to focus on getting coached by their coaches. Time before practice or after can be scheduled to discuss specific concerns you may have.

Only certified coaches with SYF badges are allowed on the fields. 

Parents may walk the track but refrain from disrupting or disturbing the practice. 

Practice times are subject to change. Since we share the turf field with the JV and Varsity team, the practice starts later to allow them time to exit. During the summer time practice is held Monday through Thursday 6:15 - 8:45 pm. The practice (8u & 10u) will practice from 6:15-8:45 pm also. After the Jamboree we reduce the end time of practice by 30 minutes and only 3 days a week, Tuesday-Thursday.  

AQI has been an issue in past years. The AQI will be monitored throughout the day. Practice changes or cancellations will be called at 5:30pm for the day. This allows for change in locations and parents to adjust. If practice is cancelled that day, it will not be reversed. You can review below the AQI table for how Shasta Jr Wolves  will adjust for high AQI numbers.

Are practices mandatory?

Yes.  Football is a team sport and practices are important for players to learn to work as a team on schemes and plans. Coaches build on specific skills weekly. It is important to have all players at practices.  In the event that a situation arises where you will not be able to attend practice, please contact your team rep or head coach as soon as possible. 


Air Quality Index (AQI) Policy - 

The following policy is being adopted by the Shasta Jr Wolves from recommendations prepared by the Shasta County Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). Their website can be viewed here.

The Fire and Smoke Map considers the following in determining the Air Quality Index (AQI)*:
● Data from permanent official monitoring sites (Circles),
● Data from temporary official monitoring sites (Triangles),
● Data from low cost sensors i.e. Purple Air (Squares),
● EPA approved correction factors for the low-cost sensors that provide more accurate data,
● Ease of use by the public who no longer have to “switch” the data into the AQ&U or LRAPA correction factor
● Visual layers showing fire and smoke plume locations.

*Due to quality control processing, some low cost sensors do not display on the AirNow Fire and Smoke Map. These sensors can be accessed at the Purple Air website. In the Map Data Layer dialogue box, switch the correction factor from “None” to “LRAPA”. This will display corrected values.

-Practice will be called at 5:30 pm. 

-Practice & Training (2-4 hours a day)
Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
AQI 0-50AQI 51-100AQI 101-150AQI 151-200AQI 201+
No restrictionsEnsure that sensitive
individuals are medically
managing their
Reduce vigorous exercise to
30 minutes per hour of practice time with
increased rest breaks and substitutions.
Ensure that sensitive individuals are
medically managing their condition.
Exercise indoors or reduce vigorous
exercise to 30 minutes of practice time
with increased rest breaks and
Sensitive individuals should remain
No outdoor activity.
All activities should
be moved indoors.

AQI Levels & Guidelines


How do I know what team my athlete will be on?
We have 4 teams, and teams are based on age as of August 1 of the current year.

  • 8u Team - ages 6, 7, & 8.  106lbs+ will be considered X-Men.

  • 10u Team - ages 9 & 10.  151lbs+ will be considered X-Men.

  • 12u Team - ages 11 & 12 (no 8th graders, 8th graders must play 14u).  171lbs+ will be considered X-Men.

  • 14u Team - ages 13 & 14 (no high schoolers). 186plus will be considered X-Men.

X-Men can only play along the offensive and defensive lines.

Cheer will follow the same rules, minus the weight requirements.

What kind of time commitment can I expect from the football season?

The exact dates can change each year when the official SYF start dates are released, but below are some general informational items that you’ll find useful. 

  • All of our practices and official camps will be held at Shasta High School.

  • The season will kick off with a High School Camp and a Jr. wolves  camp the week before the SYF start of the season. The camp is put on by the Shasta High School varsity team, registration is separate and usually cost around $75 for 4 nights of camp, T-shirt included.

  • The season will officially start in late July with 4 practices per week (M - Th). 2.5 hours a night.

  • Once our games begin in late August, practices will decrease to 3 days per week (T - Th). 2 hours a night.

  • We will have at least one weekend jamboree/scrimmage day, approximately 8 regular season games on Saturday or occasionally Sunday.

  • Playoffs will take place after the regular season and are dependent on individual team records. The top 4 teams in the division at each level will entering the playoffs. #1 seed plays #4 & #2 seed will play #3. The winner of each game advance to the championship.

  • Organization and team events (fundraising events, parent meetings, opening day, team banquet, etc.).

  • Home games will be at Shasta High School.

  • Away games vary year to year, but typically follow the high school EAL division. 

  • Game times are as follows: 8u - 10am, 10u - 12pm, 12u - 2pm, 14u - 4pm.

  • Games usually last 2 hours, and coaches generally ask athletes to arrive 1.5 - 2 hours prior to game time for pre-game meetings and warmups.

  • The season will end in late-October or early-November, depending on playoffs & results.

2023 Shasta Jr Wolves Board

President - Joshua Welch Sr. - [email protected]
Vice President - Frankie Manfredonia 
Cheer Coordinator -Deanna Nunnelley - [email protected]
Secretary - Lacie Manfredonia
Treasurer - Kristine Rodriguez 
Equipment Director - Mike Fife  
Assistant Cheer Coordinator -  Nicole Martin
Asst. Equipment Director - David Ledford
Concessions - Vicky Osuna
Apparel Coordinator -Feather Vcelik
Social Media - Tina Welch
Player Rep U14 - Tina Welch 
Player Rep U12 -Lacie Manfredonia
Player Rep U10 -Sonya Kennedy
Player Rep U8 - Kristen Thomas 

Football Coach's
14U Head Coach- Ken Watson
12U Head Coach-Mike Fife 
10U Head Coach-Renee Barragan
8U Head Coach-Chris Thomas

Cheer Coach's
14U Head Coach-Nicole Martin
12U Head Coach- Ambyr Dalton
10U Head Coach- Michelle Turner
8U Head Coach-Rachel Miller

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