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Congerville Eureka Goodfield Community Youth Recreation Association

3rd - 6th Grade League

Ball Size - 28.5
Rim Height - 9'6"

This program is designed for the kids to have fun, and to teach the fundamentals of the game.

1. The director will provide a practice schedule to all coaches giving each of them the same number of practices to ensure fairness to all teams.  No additional practices will be allowed.

2. Numbers of Players on Court: Due to registration numbers, CEGCYRA has elected to conduct a 4v4 game scenario.

3. All games will start at the scheduled time unless otherwise specified by the CEGCYRA Director or referee.

4. A team must have 4 members ready to play in order to start a game.  However, a team may finish a game with fewer than 4 players due to injuries, etc.  If there are less than 4 players, the game will still be played, but will be recorded a forfeit at the start.  

5. Duration of Games: Games will consist of eight (8), four (4) minute periods. 
  5.1. The clock will be a running clock unless:
  5.2. It’s the end of each four minute period for substitutions. 
  5.3. During all free throws.
  5.4. When officials (2023 season - coaches) are talking to a player.
  5.5. For an injury.
  5.6. On all dead balls in the last minute of each half (4th and 8th)

6. Playing Time: This is an in-house league. All play time is meant to be as equal as possible.
  6.1. Each player must play part of each half. 
  6.2. Playing time should be as equal as possible, unless a player has become injured during the game and is not able to continue to play.

7. Substitution:  No Player may be substituted for during a period with the exception of an injury or a player commits 2 fouls.  

8. Unsportsmanlike conduct by an individual will result in that individual being removed from the game and possibly removed from the program as determined by the CEGCYRA Director & CEGCYRA Board.  There will be no refund of any fees paid to the removed individual.

9. Appeals to rules or rules interpretations must be in writing to the CEGCYRA Board.  Ordinary decisions/calls made by any official during a game may not be appealed.  

10. FOULS:  Fouls will be called (2023 season - at the coaches discretion)
  10.1. A player committing 2 fouls in one 4 minute period must sit out the remainder of that period. 
  10.2. The next player in the rotation will come in as the substitute and is rewarded some extra play time. 
  10.3. This does not change the normal rotation as the fouled-out player does not re-enter the game until he is scheduled to do so. 
  10.4. This rule allows the player time to regroup during the remainder of the period while realizing there is a consequence for the violation. 

11. Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated from coaches and/or fans. 
  11.1. One (1) verbal warning will be given by a referee or CEGCYRA supervisor. On the second offense (given by a referee or CEGCYRA supervisor), ejection from the game and facility will follow. NOTE: Both the warning and/ejection do not have to come from the same person. Ex: Warned by referee, then ejected by CEGCYRA supervisor for 2nd offense.
  11.2. Continued offenses will result in expulsion from the CEGCYRA activity.

12. Ties: Tied games will be decided by a two (2) minute running clock overtime period.  If there is still a tie at the end of the overtime, the game will end in a tie. 

13. Playing Time During Overtime: Overtime will consist of 2 minutes.  
  13.1. The clock will be set to 1 minute during which time 4 players for each team will play.  
  13.2. After this 1 minute, the players sitting on the bench will play.  
  13.3. All players must play in the overtime period unless they are injured.  
  13.4. A player may only play in both 1 minute periods if there are less than 6 players at the game. 
  13.5. If there are more than 7 players on the team, the player(s) that played the least periods will play.  

14. Time Outs:  Each team will be allowed two (2) charged timeouts per half. 
  14.1. No carry over of time outs are permitted from the first half to the second half.  
  14.2. No time outs will be carried to over time play.  
  14.3. Each team will receive one (1) time out per 2 minutes over time should overtime be necessary.

15. Defense:  
  15.1. Must use man-to-man defense. Colored wristbands will be worn by players and they will guard the opposing player wearing the same colored wrist band. 
  15.2. A player must remain within six (6) feet of the player they are guarding.  
  15.3. No pressing is allowed and they must fall back inside the three point circle. 
  15.4. Teams may double team or guard any player in the offensive team's lane.  
  15.5. Double teaming is not allowed, however help defense is strongly encouraged in the following instances: 
  15.5.1. Lane Area: If a defender is in the lane and the player he is guarding is within arm’s reach, the defender is allowed to provide help defense. Since many baskets are scored in the lane, it provides the defense more opportunity to defend this area properly.
  15.5.2. Picks/ Screens: Defensive switching is allowed on offensive picks or screens. The non-screened defender can help his teammate by temporarily switching until the teammate recovers to defend their offensive player. This is commonly referred to as ”help and recover.” This prevents the offense from continually setting screens to gain an advantage.
  15.5.3. Fast Breaks: When an offensive player has beaten their defender, another defensive player may help. Upon stopping the fast break, defenders should return to guarding their assigned players. This rule is meant to prevent the defenders from helplessly watching the offensive player score without being able to help.

16. A player may not be in the lane longer than five (5) seconds and will be warned by the officials prior to making the call. 

17.No player wearing a cast may participate.  A guard, cast or brace made of hard and unyielding leather, plaster, pliable plastic, metal or any other hard substance may not be worn on the elbow, hand, finger or forearm even when covered with soft padding.  Hard and unyielding items on the upper arm or shoulder must be padded.  A player who is bleeding must leave the game and cannot return until the bleeding has been stopped.  If there is blood on the player's shirt, they must change their shirt prior to returning to the game.  

18.Free Throws: This league will use a twelve (12) foot free throw line.  Players may jump over the line on the attempt.  

19. Matching Players:  When matching players up, coaches should do their best to match players up with similar abilities.  For example:
  19.1. Coaches should make every effort not to match a visibly dominant/aggressive player against a visibly weaker player.  
  19.2. As a coach, please make sure you match up evenly.  No one benefits when players aren't matched up with players of an equal skill level/ability.  
  19.3. One coach will place wristbands on his players and the other coach will match up based on ability.  The next period, the opposite will occur.  This will switch back and forth the entire game.  

20.Coaches should use appropriate language and sportsmanship at all times.  Please remember these are 3rd-6th graders.  The goal is to teach the girls the game of basketball and most of all have fun while doing so.  Although everyone wants to win and many of us are competitive by nature, please play fair, treat players on your team fairly and be a positive role model for these girls.

21. Because this is an in-house instructional league, we want to teach each player all positions.  This being our goal, please allow all of your players to play ALL positions in both practice and game settings.  Please allow each player on your team to play point guard or "bring the ball up" in at least one (1) game during your season. 

22. Cancellations: CEGCYRA will NOT automatically cancel scheduled activities if/when CUSD 140 cancels school and school events. The CEGCYRA Director and Board Members will collaborate when there is a threat of inclement weather to the Eureka area. Each incident will be handled independently and evaluated with safety as the primary concern. Decisions will be communicated to coaches in a timely manner, with some decisions possibly coming close to practice/game times out of necessity. All CEGCYRA activities are voluntary and all parents/guardians may make the decision to exclude their child from practice or a game if they feel their physical safety is at risk due to weather conditions. 

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