• COVID Guidelines Apr 11,2021 COVID Guidelines Please see our COVID guidelines. Read More
  • NO PETS ALLOWED! Apr 11,2021 NO PETS ALLOWED! Please do not bring ANY animals inside the complex. Read More
  • Please pick up your trash! Apr 11,2021 Please pick up your trash! Please pick up after yourself and your children.  We do not have a staff to come in clean up the fields if you leave garbage behind other people have to pick it up and no one wants to do that.  Or worse it gets blown onto... Read More
  • Parking requirements Apr 11,2021 Parking requirements Our fields are going to be jam packed this year EVERY night as teams will be practicing, hitting in the cages and playing games every night on all the fields!  We need to make the most of our parking lots! Read More
  • Missing Jerseys!!!!! Nov 30,2019 Missing Jerseys!!!!! 2018 and 2019 AA-Intermediate Athlete Parents: We are missing numerous jerseys! These are very costly to replace and we are asking that you check your kids' closets\dressers to see if you may still have one. Read More



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