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Iowa District 3 Little League

12/03/2017 District Meeting

Meeting Agenda

December  3, 2017


The regular meeting of the Iowa District 3 Little League was called to order at TBD on 12/03/2017 in Bondurant by Chris Chadd (DA)


Opening Statement (Chris)



·         Welcome New Presidents

·         Welcome Johnston Softball

Old Business

·         2017 All Star Review (Chris)

·         Address Coach/Manager behavior during All Stars (Chris)

·         TOC Discussion (Chris)

New Business

·         2018 Event Dates and Locations (Chris)

·         1st Annual Tee Ball Tournament (Matt)

·         2018 ASAP Discussion (Chris & Matt)

·         District Holding Coaches Meeting (Chris) Brief Discussion

·         Constitution Discussion (Chris)

·         District Senior Softball Program (Chris & Jesse) Brief Discussion



Next Meeting February 11th 2 pm Location Griff Lodge