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Mar, 2018

J.D. Palatine to Provide National Background Check Services for Little League

J.D. Palatine to Provide National Background Check Services for Little League® International Volunteers

The JDP system also allows board members conducting the background checks to send a link to their volunteers to complete the Little League Volunteer Application online. A league board member can enter the volunteer’s information, name and email address, on the JDP website under “Quick App.” This will allow the league volunteer to complete their own volunteer application, including the social security number. The Little League Volunteer Application is tied with the background check and can be viewed on the leagues JDP Portal. Leagues must still verify the volunteer’s application with a government-issued photo ID.

Each league will continue to receive a total of 125 free background checks that are available through either JDP or First Advantage, or a combination of the two companies. Leagues and districts will only be able to utilize First Advantage for free background checks until March 1, 2018. Thereafter, all background checks conducted through First Advantage will cost $1.20 per check. Those Leagues and districts which have completed its required checks for the 2018 season through First Advantage do NOT need to submit new checks through JDP.

The Little League® Background Check regulation I (c) 8 and 9 is part of the Child Protection Program, and is in place to help local leagues and districts deter anyone who may wish to do harm to the participants and volunteers in our program. And leagues are reminded that in addition to Little League’s background check regulations, all leagues are also required to fully comply with state and local laws.

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