Aviation Team Parent

Aviation Team Parent Responsibilities

General Information

Team Parents play a critical volunteer role in supporting the Aviation Little League and the team their player is assigned to. Once every registered player is informed of the Manager and team he/she will be on for the season, the Team Manager will query the parents on the team to solicit a volunteer to serve as Team Parent for the duration of the season. The Team Parent plays an important role in organizing the families for a successful season and given the depth of responsibilities, may opt to share the duty with another parent.


With our new website, each team has a team page where you can view the schedule/ results, see the team roster and see team news, pictures and videos. In addition, you can set up snack schedules, mini-team sites, etc. at any number of places online. Please use password-protected, secure sites whenever developing something for your team as you may choose to have kid photos, schedules and even contact information on that site. 

Areas of responsibility include:

  • Preparing and distributing a team roster and contact information to parents.
  • Coordination of Opening Day festivities such as securing parent participation in securing a team truck for the Opening Day Parade, team decorations and dissemination of information about the day's events.
  • Collect and distribute team and player picture information on Opening Day. Distribute photos later to parents.
  • Preparing and distributing a snack schedule by the first game. Every family is required to participate by providing a snack and a drink for all players on the team on a rotating basis. Each family can expect to provide team snacks/drinks at least 2x during the season. Snacks/drinks are only provided after games and not required for every team practice.
  • Recruiting parent and/or teen volunteers for the The Hangar Snack Shack for any Majors home game and for any Minors or Double A game that may be played on the Majors field.         
  • Assist the Team Manager in finding parents to keep score and pitch counts during the season (only applies to Minors, Majors and Juniors.)
  • Organize parents to ensure that dugout, sidelines and bleachers are clean and litter-free for the next game.    
  • Coordination of the End of Season Team Closing Ceremonies and thank you gifts for Team Manager & Coaches.

Equpiment Information

Parent Volunteer Pledge

Volunteering at The Hangar

Team Parents
Our Snack Stand need Volunteers. Please have your team parents Sign up now before its too Late.


The Hangar Snack Stand is located next to LaidLaw Field and serves as one of our main fundraisers.  Funds raised through the snack stand are used for numerous needs within the league, such as replacement equipment, field upgrades and other costs required to run our league.  It is operated by Aviation Little League parent volunteers and every family is required to work at least 3 hours per participant during the season.

Please sign up today to complete your 3-hour volunteer shift.

1) You must complete one shift for each player registered in the league.
2) The volunteer must be 18 years old or older.
3) Your reimbursement check will be mailed to you the following week after you complete your shift.
4) Any cancellation made less than 24 hours of your scheduled shift, you automatically forfeit your deposit

Note: If a game that you were scheduled to work is canceled and rescheduled, you are responsible for working the rescheduled date. Everyone is volunteering their time, so please be respectful of everyone's time and commitment.

Thank you!

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