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South Fayette Youth Cheerleading Association

Camp / Practice

2024 Mandatory Camp Dates:
July 29 - August 2
August 5-8 

(a full list of practice details and events is located under "calendar of events.")

In order to ensure that camp is both fun and productive, please be mindful of the following:


1. Please feed your cheerleader before camp- we will be working hard, and can't do so on empty stomachs

2. Please ensure that your cheerleader uses the bathroom before the start of camp.  Frequent bathroom breaks are disruptive to learning the routines. If your child has a medical reason that requires frequent bathroom trips, please make your coaches aware prior to camp. 
3. Provide a water bottle for your cheerleader each day- WITH WATER ONLY. 
4.  No food is permitted. 
5. Wear cheer shoes, athletic clothing and hair secured with a hair tie.
6. DO NOT bring Pom Poms to camp or practice unless otherwise instructed by your coach. 
7. Mandatory camp is a closed practice

8. Please be prompt for both drop off and pick up. It is mandatory for cheerleaders to be ready to start at the start time each day. We encourage you to carpool with your teammates. Tardiness will not be accepted during mandatory camp. 


**Mandatory Cheer Camp dates and times can be found under calendar of events**




Youth night and game days will be announced later in the season. If you have a conflict with any practices or games, please inform your coaches as soon as you are aware so they can plan accordingly. Cheerleading is a team sport and absences make it very hard on the squad. Please make every effort to attend. Thank you!