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South Fayette Youth Cheerleading Association

By-laws / Standards of Participation / Attendance

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Cheerleading is a unique TEAM sport. Each position is dependent upon one another. Every cheerleader has a role and if someone is missing, it places a hardship on the whole squad, can become a safety issue, and can take away other cheerleaders’ ability to fully participate that day. Thus, attendance is essential to the squad. Missing practices and games has a negative impact on both individual skill and squad development. For safety reasons, all squads are required to warm-up & practice as a team, as well as practice their half-time routines, prior to each game.

Cheer Camp and Showcase:
Cheer Camp and Showcase are MANDATORY. Each cheerleader is an important and integral part of the squad. The objectives of camp are to teach and set half-time routines and to ensure that all safety issues are understood and executed properly. This cannot be done unless ALL cheerleaders are present. Therefore, all girls MUST attend. Missing any cheer camp practice or showcase may result in the cheerleader being terminated from the program.

Practice MORE THAN TWO absences from practice sessions will be brought to the board for review. A cheerleader may permanently lose her position(s) in ANY routine or activity due to absences. These include the 45-minute practice sessions before each game. A collective 60 MINUTES of late or early exit grace period will be given to each cheerleader for regular practice sessions (not camp). If your cheerleader has been late or leaves early more than 60 minutes across all practice sessions, they will lose the paid meal and end of year gift at the banquet and the board will be notified. Please note, if your cheerleader is late, there is a possibility that the halftime routine will be re-worked, and she may lose her standard position in the routine. This is at the coach's discretion and decisions will be made so that the squad as a whole has the best opportunity to complete the routine as intended.

Football Games:
Football Games A cheerleader may leave TWO football games AFTER half-time is over and it WILL NOT count as a missed game but will disqualify the cheerleader from earning "perfect attendance". You must communicate this with your coaches ahead of time and sign out for that game with the Business Manager. If a cheerleader leaves a game early a third time OR is not signed out, it will count as an absence. Two absences from league football games will not be penalized but missing games is not encouraged. THREE absences from league football games will result in the loss of the paid meal and the end-of-year gift for the cheerleader at the banquet. FOUR absences from league football games will result in the cheerleader being terminated from the program.