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Registration Deadlines - Please note they are different for each division!! 

T-Ball Deadline – April 17 (Early bird pricing will end April 8th)

Machine Pitch Deadline – April 3 (Early bird pricing will end March 25th)

Kid Pitch Baseball (10u and 12u) – March 1 (No early bird pricing)

Kid Pitch Baseball (14u) – March 25 (No early bird pricing)

No late registrations will be accepted for any division! 

T-Ball Developmental League (Ages 4 – 5 years) - $60 (Early bird price $50)
- Date: week of May 2 (6 weeks)

The RYA T-Ball Developmental League (Ages 4 – 5 years) has been developed to teach the fundamentals of the game of baseball and to get the players to start learning the basics such as fielding, throwing, hitting and base running.  A safety ball is used in this league in order to allow our young athlete’s to learn the game of baseball in a safe environment.
Practice sessions begin week of May 2 with two scheduled practices each week.  Our practices will focus on utilizing small group stations to work on the fundamentals of batting (stance & swing basics), throwing (power T, rotation to release of ball), ground ball station (basic fielding position, 2 hands to cradle), base running (when to run through 1B, when to round), catching (starting with the coach throwing to the players and building to players catching with each other), and mental/rules (1 core principal each practice- order of the bases, force out vs. tag, flyball outs, etc.)  Our goal is to keep the stations focused, short, and to keep our players moving.

Transition into two practice/games scheduled each week.  During this portion of the season we will start a split practice/game format with a 30-45 minute practice session followed by a 30 minute game session (1 – 2 inning mini game).  During the games the fielders will try to get outs but the runners will always stay on base.  Base running is typically from base to base in this league.  The hitters will hit off the Tee initially and will move to coach pitching as individual player hitting progresses. 

For parents interested in volunteering their services, we will be happy to provide tools that help make it fun and engaging for the players.  There will be a coach’s clinic/meeting prior to the season as well as ongoing support from our RYA staff. Coaching is a fun and rewarding experience!
Our T-Ball Program utilizes a developmental approach to teaching the fundamentals of baseball that will keep your young athlete engaged, moving, and having fun while learning a game they will enjoy for years to come.

Machine Pitch Baseball League (Ages 6 – 8 years) - $60 (Early bird price $50)
- Date: week of April 4 – June 3

RYA will be partnering with Fort Lupton Recreation Center again to offer Machine Pitch baseball.  Machine Pitch provides a transitional bridge from the introductory ease of Tee Ball to true baseball. The fields have minor league dimensions. The ball is still soft (safety ball). Players rotate among positions and learn to contribute in each. Throwing grows more accurate. And, for the first time, batters learn to hit a pitched ball. 

Although Machine Pitch is a level up from Tee Ball, the emphasis is still on fun, participation, and teamwork. While the games can be competitive, we not keep score and the rules are modified to minimize strike outs and give each kid an equal opportunity to participate and succeed. 


Kid Pitch Baseball (ages 10u and 12u)
- Date: week of April 4 – July 25

Rebels Youth Athletics is always striving to provide families with the opportunities that are best for our community and youth. 

This year RYA has decided to go with Brighton Youth Baseball Association for baseball.  This means that you will register directly through their website, 

- RYA players will need complete the BYBSA Brighton Rec Baseball League registration,

-  For RYA players to play together on a RYA area team please request RYA in the special request section of the registration

-  RYA coaches register to coach a team in the BYBSA Brighton Rec Baseball League,

-  If possible, coaches provide the BYBSA with a list of players that they expect to register for their team and we will add them to their team.

-  There will not be uniforms with RYA unless we have an entire RYA team registered by March 1st. If we do not have an entire RYA team registered by March 1st that team will get a Brighton Jersey.

-  All RYA home games will be played in Brighton

This will ensure that you are on a team with players from our community.  They will still need coaches.  If coaching is something that you are interested in please register through BYBA. Registration is open from now until March 1.

Kid Pitch 10U (Ages 8-10)

Kid Pitch 12U (Ages 10-12)

*All ages are as of April 30th.

Click here to register now.


Kid Pitch Baseball (ages 14u) - $100

Brighton does not have any recreation options older than 12.  We will be doing a waiting list registration for 14U baseball.  If your player is interested in that please register on the RYA website.  (If there is enough for a team they will play through GEYL)

Please forward or share this information with anyone who may have a child interested in playing Baseball this season.


Please be advised that RYA is made up of several surrounding communities and you may have to practice in Lochbuie, Hudson, or Keenesburg. These will be determined by your volunteer coaches availability as well as space, since this is limited! There will be absolutely no refunds if you are not happy with your practice location or times! This is out or our control and we do not have teams split by geographical locations, it is done by a random draw.  We will do our best to accommodate requests, but this is also not a guarantee, and we will not issue a refund if you are unhappy with the team or practice location that you end up with.

Rebels Youth Athletics (RYA) does have a fund for people suffering hardships who may need assistance for registration fees to children, who without financial assistance would be unable to participate in RYA sports programs. RYA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with limited funding available for hardships. No guarantee of assistance is implied by this statement. If you are in need of assistance please reach out to any board member in person or through email at [email protected]


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