Radnor Young Raiders Football and Cheer


Radnor Young Raiders offers need based scholarships to assist families that are interested in participating in our youth program.  This scholarship request cannot be considered a guaranteed form of payment for registration of any player. It is also understood that scholarship monies are only granted on a need basis so long as scholarship funds are available.

All fees will be waived temporarily until the financial committee or Board Members approve or disapprove the request.  Additional questions may require the applicant to provide proof of financial need, included but not limited to: a letter of stating and verifying their financial need.  The Radnor Young Raiders will move quickly to respond to this request so the parent/guardian can plan for the child’s activities.

Participants who are awarded scholarships whose request is not accurate will have their scholarships withdrawn. Withdrawn scholarships will be considered as payment due. Players whose scholarships have been withdrawn will be subjected to team suspension from team practices and/or games until payment has been received in full.

The purpose of the scholarship offering is to meet the expense of the association’s participation fees for families that have extenuating and extraordinary circumstances for which without the scholarship the parents or guardians would not register their child, due to the extent of the costs exceed what the participant’s family can afford, for whatever reason of the circumstances.  It will be the burden of the applicant to justify any reason for this type waiver. Please consider of how your family will be impacted if you are not granted this scholarship.

To apply for Financial Aid, please set up your family account and register your player up to the payment screen, then, please complete the Financial Aid application and email it to [email protected]  The Board will review your registration and financial aid application and contact you with their decision.