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Draft Guidelines

Purpose: To provide a mechanism that will endeavor to insure balanced, competitive teams consistent with our League Mission Statement.
All players that have completed registration WILL be drafted to a team.


I - Rules of the Draft


a)    Player Evaluation: Player evaluations will be held to determine each individual players draft ranking. Each spring season, all players must attend The Player Evaluation (aka Try-Outs). All other players that do not attend the Player Evaluations will be assigned a rank by the Board of Directors and placed in the round accordingly on their team’s roster. New players or players choosing to re-enter the draft that did not attend try outs will not be available for selection until all players that attended the Player Evaluations have been selected.

b)    Player’s Ranking: The draft ranking or draft round for each player will be determined by calculating the average scores that each team (1 per team) completed at player evaluations. Pitchers will be considered first round, catchers will be second round, and the highest rated players will begin in the third round. The amount of players ranked for each round will be equivalent to the amount of teams in each age division.

1.    Pitcher’s Round: Any player that pitched for their team the previous season is required to try out as a pitcher. If a player that pitched for their team the previous season does not try out as a pitcher, they may be placed in the pitching round at Board discretion. If there are multiple pitchers on an existing team, the highest-ranking pitcher will be placed in the Pitchers Round, and the other remaining pitchers will be placed in the round they ranked overall. In addition, any player that does not try-out as a pitcher may not pitch for her team that season with the exception of a. she was unable to attend try-outs, b. she is a novice, beginning pitcher or c. her team’s pitcher sustains an injury preventing her from pitching.

c)    Siblings: Siblings requesting to play on the same team as their sisters are automatically placed on that team in the round they are ranked. If a team drafts one child they will automatically be given the second. The player with the highest ranking will be placed in the current round, and second player will be placed in the round they are ranked.

d)    Player’s rankings may be adjusted by the board in order to keep all teams balanced and fair.


II – Execution of the Draft


a)    Team Numbers: The head coach or representative will draw a paper with a number on it in order of attendance (First to arrive will be first to draw). The number drawn will correspond to the order that team will draft.

b)      Draft Order: The team drawing the number 1 will be the first to draft, except if that team already has a player designated in that round. The team that has drawn the number 2 will be next; again except if that team already has a player designated in that round. This process will continue in ascending numerical order until the highest drawn number is reached. At this point Round 2 will start, this time the team with the highest drawn number will draft first in the same manner indicated above. This process will continue in descending numerical order until the lowest drawn number is reached. At this point the next round will start, this time the team with the lowest drawn number will again draft first and the round will proceed in ascending numerical order. The draft will continue to alternate between ascending and descending team numbers as indicated above, until all players have been drafted. All choices are final when the next team begins its turn. Once all players that were rated at the player evaluation are chosen, then the players that did not attend will be available for drafting by the team up next for a pick.

Completion of Draft: After the last player is drafted, The Board of Directors will assemble team packages and distribute them to each Coach. The draft is now concluded and all player placements are FINAL. There will be no trading of players nor will players be allowed to switch teams.


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