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In many ways this is the ”finishing school” for advanced 13-14 year old competitive players and cross over athletes who wish to play high school softball. As with the younger divisions, the try out and draft system distributes new players to promote parity among both the new and returning teams. Fun and fierce best describes this division as the ladies develop into accomplished ballplayers, ready to play at the scholastic level. 


USA Softball rules will be used with the following modifications:


1) Game time is 1 hour and 20 minutes, which starts counting down on the first warm-up pitch. No new inning will begin after this time is up, but the game will be played to completion. If the score is tied, the game will be recorded as a tie and each will team will receive a ½ game win.

2) The USA Softball mercy rule of 15 runs after 3 innings, 12 runs after 4 innings, and 8 runs after 5 innings will apply. A game may also be called early if the score of one team is not within reach of the other in the amount of time left.

3) Teams must be at their dugout 10 minutes before game time. Forfeit time is 5 minutes after scheduled game time unless the prior game has run over.

4) Home team, which is listed first on the schedule, will always be in the third base dugout and provide a new game ball.

5) Standard base distance will be used. Pitching distance is 43 feet. A 12” Dream Seam ball will be the official ball. Metal cleats are allowed.

6) There will be two USA Softball umpires in every game. The coach will supply the plate umpire and the opposing team with a copy of the player line -up before the game begins. The same batting line-up will be used throughout the game.

7) If a team only has 8 players in attendance, an out will be taken when the ninth position is up to bat. Late players may be inserted into the bottom of the lineup upon arrival. If a team has less than 8 players at game time, the game will be a forfeit.

8) The standard 9 defensive players will be fielded. Free defensive substitution of players will be used, including the pitcher.

9) Coaches are required to play each player a minimum of 2 defensive innings per game. If this requirement is not met, they must start that player in the next scheduled game.

10) Pitchers may pitch unlimited innings in a game.

11) “Bat-around,” batting the entire roster, will be used for the entire season.
12) If a player is not able to bat in their place in the batting order, injured or otherwise, the batting order will be compressed to the number of batters in the batting order less the player with no out recorded for the player unable to bat. The player will not be able to re-enter the game offensively or defensively. 

13) Bunting, slapping and switch hitting are allowed.

14) On stealing home, or any base, it is mandatory to slide and/or avoid collision if a play is in progress at that base. If the umpire finds interference or obstruction, the player will be called out. If the umpire judges the interference or obstruction malicious, the player could be ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct.

15) To speed up the game, a courtesy runner can be used for the pitcher or catcher only when there are 2 outs. In the event of an injured runner, a pinch runner may be used. Any player in the game may be used as a pinch runner or courtesy runner. If a player is on base when it is their time to bat they will be removed from the base to take their turn at bat and the person who they are running for will be called out.

16) Teams change sides after either 3 outs or 5 runs score.   Teams must bat the next player in their line-up.

HGSA will host an end of the season playoff to determine 1st and 2nd places (depending on the amount of teams possibly 3rd, etc.). Regular season rules apply. Seeding will be based on season win-loss-tie record. In the event of a tie, a tie-breaker will be determined in the following order: win-loss record head-to-head, runs allowed head-to-head, runs scored head-to-head, runs allowed the entire season, run scored the entire season. In the event of a 3-way tie, head-to-head win/loss cannot apply and the tie-breaker will go directly to runs allowed.


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