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League City Little League

Document Requirements

Residency/Eligibility Requirements (explains what documents are required to prove players age and residency)

School Enrollment Form* (For players who attend a school within league boundaries and will use that attendance to qualify to play with LCLL)

This form must be completed by the parent and principal of the school and then emailed to

WAIVERS (For those players who do not live within LCLL's boundary)

Residency Waiver* (For players who do not live in our boundary and wish to play with LCLL.....only allows for regular season play not All Stars and must be done EACH season.)

LittleLeague_residency waiver--no tournament play.pdf
This type of waiver is dependany on the approval by the president of the league that the player is zoned for and then is subject to approval by LCLL's league president before a player who lives outside of LCLL's boundaries is eligible to play.
*This form must be emailed to

IId Waiver (For players who formally lived within league boundaries and have since moved outside of LCLL's boundaries.....allows for both regular season play and also All Stars).
This waiver must be accompanied by 3 proofs of residency (see residency eligibility requirements) from the former address. It then must be approved by the league president and district administrator. Once approved the waiver is kept on file by LCLL and a copy is sent to parents.
*This form must be emailed to