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State Mandated Background Check Information

  In 2015, Pennsylvania enacted new laws regarding Volunteer Background Checks – effective starting last Season. In addition to the Bert Bell Mandatory background check (National Criminal Record), every volunteer will be required to do the following:

1) Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check (FREE) - 

2) Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance through Dept. of Human Services (FREE) -

3) If the volunteer has been a continuous PA resident for the past 10 years:     
a. Signed disclaimer affirming no charges in other states that would prohibit selection as a volunteer (Affirmation to be completed 
as part of the electronic volunteer application on the "Volunteer Information" tab. Signature will be collected electronically)

4) If the volunteer has NOT been a continuous PA resident for the past 10 years:     
        a. FBI Criminal Background Check (fingerprint check) for federal criminal history records ($27.50) -

All volunteers are required to provide copies of the above clearances prior to the effective date of duties.

If you have a question as to whether you will need clearances, please refer to the required clearance volunteer list below. 

1. All Board Members
2. All football and cheer coaching staff - 18 yrs or older
3. Equipment Manager
4. Team Parent
5. Any voluteer that will be in direct contact with and/or has oversight over child participants.

Also, if you have already completed the above required clearances as part of another organization, you will not be required to re-complete. You can simply upload each at the end of your volunteer application. 

For more information: Department of Human Services:

In 2017, Bert Bell, our governing league, made it a requirement that all coaches also complete an NCIS National Background Check. While the PA Clearances are free to all volunteers. There is a small fee to perform the NCSI check. To complete, click on the link below, select start background screening, and enter the code provided below. 
Code: 41448221 

For more information and detailed instructions click on the link below:

NCIS Background Check Instructions & Information

Any coach or volunteer that does not have the proper clearances will not be able to participate, and some clearances could take 2-3 weeks to finalize, so we encourage all to complete as soon as possible.