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All participants of both football and cheer are required to submit a current physical form prior to participating in the season. We will accept a copy of a physical provided by your child's physician within the past 6 months or you can download and have your physician complete the for below. The form must be signed by a certified physician.

Physical Form

Below is a link to an information presentation of the new Rookie Tackle division
rookie tackle faq.pdf

As a member of the Bert Bell Football Conference, the Rose Tree Colts, its participating families and all volunteers are required to adhere to the Bert Bell Rules and Regulations. A copy of said rules and regulations are listed below. Please pay special attention to the Disciplinary Code as outlined below. 

bb disciplinary code.pdf

Lastly, each parent/guardian, participant, and ALL volunteers will be required to review, sign, submit, and adhere to their respective Bert Bell Code of conduct. Copies of the forms are listed below.

bb parent/guardian code of conduct.pdf

bb participant code of conduct.pdf

bb volunteer code of coduct.pdf