2018 Closing Ceremonies Pictures

2018 AA Division Champions Angels

2018 AAA Divisions Dodgers

2018 Majors Division Champions A's

2018 All Star Softball Team (8-9-10) 

2018 All Star Team (8-9-10)

2018 All Star Team (9-10-11)

2018 All Star Team (10-11-12)

2018 Aviation Little League Managers

2018 Aviation Team Parents

Hilda Marquez getting recognize for her outstanding commitment.

Majors Angels enjoying the Tacos

Single A Angles Coach Andres Thanking his team and parents for a wonderful season.

Coach Jose of the Majors A's talks about how good Mateo Duran is.

Who's got next?

Coach Dee Gathering the Troops for trophy presentations.

Coach Paul of the Padres is ready to pass out trophies

Coach Yanell is excited to hand out trophies to the Softball girls

Coach Mario is ready for to hand out team trophies.

T-Ball Pirates lining up for some desserts and trophies

Coach Jason, of the Single A A's,  trying to figure who is next to receive their trophy.

Coach Miguel (AAA Angels Coach) and David (Majors Angels Coach) giving a speech on how great the season was

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