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Minor Baseball


  • 6 – 8 (Coach Pitch)
  • 9-10 (Player Pitch)


About This Level:

6-8 Coach Pitch

  • The objective of the Minor Division Coach Pitch is to teach the fundamentals of the game.  The step from Tee Ball to Coach Pitch is significant for players which typically means for fun as a game.   
  • Batters are pitched to by their coach (rather than hitting off a tee).  This is the first step in developing the necessary timing associated with hitting.  
  • Defensive gameplay in advanced as throwing and catching are required to retire batters and baserunners.  More advanced batters will hit balls harder and defensive players will need to develop skills to catch, field, and throw.  
  • Game knowledge is typically and after thought to player skills, but it cannot be overstated that knowing what to do in different situations is just as important as how to do it.  Coach pitch allows for players to learn the rules and how to play baseball as a team sport.  
9-10 Player Pitch

  • The objective of the Minor Division Player Pitch Program is another significant jump from the previous Coach Pitch division.  Batters' skill and timing are further challenged in the Player Pitch division while player pitchers learn the skill of ball control.
  • Players start learning to pitch at a distance of 46 feet from home plate.  Umpires call balls and strikes.  Control of the baseball while throwing is really all that matters at this age.  Players who are asked to pitch should practice the skill at home as well as scheduled practice.  
  • Batter timing and mechanics become important to successful contact of thrown balls.  Live player pitching is difficult for some to hit initially, but with repetition comes improvement.  
  • Base running now includes the element of stealing bases. This concept is new to many players, but adds another element of fun to the game.  
  • The continuation of fielding skills should improve along with the situational knowledge of what to do with the ball. 


  • Games: will be posted on our calendar and sent to you via your Coach
  • Practices: set by the Coaches

What they need:

  • Batting helmet (C Flap or Full Face Cage recommended)
  • Glove
  • Cleats (no metal)
  • Catchers are required to have athletic cup
  • Face protection recommended


What to Expect:

  • Each team must have a scorekeeper
  • Parents are expected to help with field set up and take down (raking)
  • Kids are expected to be on the field 15-30 mins before gametime
  • Your child's abilities will determine defensive position played as part of the league safety awareness



  1. Fair play is defined equal playing time for; infield, outfield and bench, except where safety is a concern.
  2. Games will be played with a continuous batting order.


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Lebanon Virginia Little League

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Lebanon Virginia Little League

PO Box 32 
Lebanon, Virginia 24266

Email: [email protected]
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