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Nov, 2023

Player Evaluation FAQ'S

Quick Guide:

Each year we hold player evaluations (PE’s) for players ages 8/9 and above. The purpose of this mandatory assessment is to establish guidelines for drafting fair and balanced teams for competition, to ensure equitable player divisions or for players to be be considered for advanced placement.

No player will be considered for advanced placement without having attended the evaluation. 


Things your child will need: Fielder's mitt only (please do not bring a catcher's mitt or first baseman's mitt) Baseball / Softball bat (if you do not have one we will provide it) Batting helmet (most players have their own helmets due to hygiene concerns and if you do not have one we will provide it) Wear sneakers, shorts or either baseball pants or sweatpants, T-shirt or sweatshirt (no cleats and no jewelry please)


All players will be evaluated for fundamental skills. The process is conducted by a group of MWLL Board of Directors, who will rate each player in the following skill areas, typically on a 1-5 rating scale. These ratings and rankings, along with your child’s prior seasons coaches' assessment, are used to help determine the most appropriate league placement for the player.

Running - Each player will demonstrate their speed by running approximately 60 or 90 feet (simulating a run from home to 1st base)

Batting - Each player will be given between 5 to 7 swings from either soft pitch, coach pitch or machine pitch to demonstrate their hitting abilities, They will be scored on ability to track the ball, make contact, power, confidence and overall mechanics

Fielding - Each player will be given a series of pop ups and ground balls that simulate live play. Evaluations will focus heavily on the player’s overall form in approaching the ball, glove work, balance, technique and overall execution. To be more precise this includes throwing accuracy, throwing mechanics, and release (how quickly they get in position to throw and get rid of the ball after fielding it)

Pitching - Each player will be given 3 to 5 pitches from the pitcher’s mound a distance equal to home plate. They will be scored on accuracy, velocity, overall pitch ability of their mechanics and projectability.


Show up on-time and with your child’s age group Warm up / properly stretch prior to coming to your evaluation - Take your child to the batting cages to hit some balls, have a catch and comfortable with the sport Be positive and enthusiastic while listening well and following directions Dress the part - look like the superstar that you are! Get a good night’s sleep, Smile and most importantly HAVE FUN


We take the evaluation and rating process seriously. We maintain confidentiality of results and DO NOT post scores for public consumption. Under no circumstances is any MWLL board member, evaluator, or coach permitted to reveal the ratings or ranking of any individual player.

Please note: during the evaluation process we will block off all visual abilities for anyone to view your child’s evaluation. This is done to further strict confidentiality.

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Monroe Woodbury Little League

P.O. Box 1133 
Monroe, New York 10949

Phone: 000-000-0000
Email: [email protected]
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