2024 American League Baseball - Local Rules

Unless specified below, play follows all rules and regulations outlined in the Little League 2024 Official Regulations and Playing Rules Baseball book for the Minor Leagues.

Pre-Game Information
Home team is responsible for prepping the field.
Home team occupies 1st base line dugout and has on field warmup 30 to 15 minutes prior to start of game.
Visiting team has on field warmup 15 minutes prior to start of game.

Dugout Personnel
The only personnel (16 years of age or older) allowed in the dugout are the manager (head coach) and 2 assistant coaches.  A 16-17 year old may serve as an assistant coach and does not require an approved volunteer application.  All adults must have approved volunteer forms on file with EHHL.  They must also have completed a background check and Little League’s Child Abuse Training Course.  At least one coach needs to have completed CPR/First Aid training.

Number of Players
A minimum of 8 players per team is required to play a game. If both teams have 10 or more players than both teams will play with 10 defensive players 4 of which will be outfielders.

Two successful bunts are allowed per inning – i.e., put into play.
A foul bunt/tip does not count as a successful bunt.

2 steals per inning, at own risk, while the pitcher is pitching (cannot leave base until ball crosses home plate).
If 2 players steal at the same time, then that counts as the 2 steals for the inning.
Stealing home is not permitted.

Time Limit
A new inning may not start once two hours have passed.

Maximum 5 runs allowed per inning, except in last inning.

Catcher Throw on Steal
No advancing an extra base on an overthrown ball from the catcher on a steal.

Overthrows on Live Ball
Base Runner may advance, at their own risk, one base on an overthrow by a defensive player, when ball is live.  Runners may advance 1 base per base overthrown.

All players on the team’s roster bat in order.
If a player shows up to the field once the first pitch of the game has been thrown, they are placed on the roster in the last batting position.

Whenever a batter reaches ball four, he is not awarded first base. Instead, a coach from his team will pitch to batter until the ball is put in play or the batter strikes out. Coach must pitch from same distance as players do. The strike part of the count does not reset when a coach comes in to pitch. While a coach is pitching the defensive pitcher must remain the same distance from home plate as coach pitcher
Halfway through the season (after May 5th, 2024), coach pitch will be replaced with base on balls whenever a batter reaches ball four. 

All pitching done outside of the EHLL schedule must be reported to EHLL and Little League rest requirements must be met.

The EHLL coach takes responsibility for following these requirements.
Violation of these rules will result in the EHLL head coach receiving a suspension and the game in which the player pitched will be forfeited.

If a team needs to reschedule a game, the change must be requested at least 48 hours in advance.
Coaches are to email EHLL a make-up date no later than 3 days from when game is postponed.

Mercy Rule
If there is a 15 run deficit after 3 innings or 10 run deficit after 4 innings, the losing team’s manager must concede defeat. This replaces rule 4.10 (e)


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