Q:     When does the season start?
A:     Typically, both American and National baseball and softball seasons will start mid April.  Olympic Coach Pitch and T-Ball will start beginning of May

Q:     What days will my child play?

A:     Typically, the schedule is as follows but can change due to field availability!
T-Ball:  Saturday mornings 
Olympic Baseball: Monday and Wednesday (some Fridays)
                Olympic Softball:  Tuesday and Thursday
                American Baseball:  Monday and Friday
                American Softball:    Tuesday and Thursday
                National Baseball:  Monday and Wednesday
                National Softball:    Tuesday and Friday

*Games will be played at 5:30pm, however occasionally due to field availability we need to schedule at a different time

Q:  How many games will each team play?
A: Olympic Baseball and Softball (12games)
American Baseball and Softball (12 games & some teams make playoffs)
    National Baseball and Softball (12 games & some teams make playoffs)

Q:  What do I do with the Medical Release form?
A:  Fill it out and hand it in to the coach of your child's team.

Q:  Does my child need to be evaluated?
A:  Evaluations are for players in the 3rd/4th grade division(American) and the 5th/6th grade division(National).

Q:  What does my child need to play Little League?
A:  A mitt, cleats are helpful, helmet (best if each child provides their own), baseball/softball pants.  Uniforms are handed out which include a hat, shirt, socks, and a belt.  Don't hesitate to contact EHLL if anyone needs assistance in providing these items.

Q: When and where is the T-ball program?
A:  T-ball runs on Saturday mornings typically from 9-10:30am.  Our site this year is TBD. We will email as soon as we confirm.

Q: What does my child need to play T-ball?
A: It is recommended to bring your own mitt and helmet, bats will be available at each session if needed.  Cleats are not required. All players will receive a jersey and hat at the first session.  

Q:  Can I request a team/friend for my child to play with?
A:  In the Tee Ball and Olympic divisions it is easier to accommodate requests, however, we can not always guarantee it.   In the older divisions, American and National, it is more difficult to accommodate because the teams are drafted in an attempt to keep the teams even.

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