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Rookies Division

Regular season play will be used for instructional and developmental purposes. THERE IS NO SCORE KEPT IN COACH/MACHINE PITCH DIVISION GAMES.

1. Win-loss records or official standings will not be kept nor published.

2. The home team will decide whether to use coach or machine pitch (Note: both may be used in the same game).

3. Only reduced-impact factor level five balls (e.g., Riddell FL5) may be used. Both teams must provide at least two new balls for each game.

4. Home team shall use the 1st base dugout and visiting team the 3rd base dugout.

5. The Coach may use a glove stand in front of the mound or sit behind a screen. The CoachPitcher should not attempt to field balls during play.

6. The Player in the Pitcher position may play on either side of the Coach pitching the ball, between the mound area and corner base. After the ball is hit the Pitcher can move anywhere in the field of play.

7. The pitching machine will be operated by the respective team managers or a designee of the manager. In the absence of an umpire, the operator of the pitching machine will serve as the umpire. The speed of the pitching machine must be set at or below 40 mph.

8. Coaches Pitch- All batters will receive a total of 6 pitches unless 3 pitches are swung at and recorded as strikes. If by the 6th pitch the batter fails to put the ball in play the batter will be out.

9. In the event a batted ball hits the adult pitcher or screen, it is declared a dead ball and the batter and any players on base advance one base.

10.Teams will bat continuous batting order. Latecomers must be added at the bottom of the order.

11.Each half inning will end once 5 runs have scored or 3 outs have been recorded, or the lineup bats once through the order whichever occurs first.

12.Free substitutions will be allowed but each player must play 6 defensive outs.

13.A player may not sit for two consecutive innings on the bench, nor sit for three innings on the bench until all players have sat one inning.

14.No player may play the same defensive position for more than 2 consecutive innings.

15.A fourth outfielder may be used.

16.No stealing bases allowed, no advancement accept by the ball being put into play.

17.No more than 2 bases shall be rewarded on any ball put into play, unless the ball goes over the fence for a home run.

18.Play will stop when the ball is returned to infield grass, as declared by the umpire, whether the pitcher has control of the ball or not. If a runner is less than halfway to the next base when the ball reaches this point, he or she returns to the previous base.

19.There are no protests.

20.Managers and coaches are allowed on the field in this division. Managers will only be allowed on the field if they are pitching/running the pitching machine. One offensive coach to either pitch or feed the pitching machine. One defensive coach will be allowed in the outfield.

21.There must be at least one approved coach in the dugout at all times.

22.Each player must wear a helmet when up to bat. Whenever the player is outside of the dugout, a helmet must be worn.

23.All players must wear a protective cup while catching.

24.No jewelry shall be worn with the exception of medical bracelets or necklaces and those must be taped to the body.

25.No food or gum is allowed in the dugouts.

26.Game shall not last longer than 1 Hour and 45 minutes. If the game is tied, it ends in a tie. If the game is tied, it ends in a tie. If the time limit is reached during an at-bat, the batter shall finish their at-bat

27.Borrowed Players— A team may borrow one or more players in order to field nine defensive players. The borrowed player must be from the same division and must play in the outfield. If the borrowed player comes from the opposing team, the borrowed player will sit in their own dugout when not on the field and will bat for their own team. The opposing manager may substitute the player borrowed player as long as the Minimum Play (Rule 7) is met.

28.Managers are responsible for maintaining written proof of adherence to mandatory play rules and are required to submit proof if requested by the league player agent or president.

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