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T-Ball Rules to Know

T-Ball Rules

These T-Ball Games are being played for the benefit of all players.

Rule #1: These players are 4, 5, and 6 years old. Please remember this at all times!

  • T-Ball Baseball: District 38 T-ball will use balls marked as Official Tee Ball.
  • Each team will have one head coach and two assistant coaches officially.
  • Bat boy/bat girls are not permitted.
  • A team must have at least (nine) 9 players present within 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time to play the game. This is not an automatic forfeit, but up to the local league to replay the game at a later date or not.
  • Each inning will end after
    • 3 outs or
    • Team has batted through the line-up or
    • Seven (7) runs scored. Runs are cumulative. (Example Below)
      • 1st – 7 runs
      • 2nd – 7 total for the inning or 14 points after 2 innings of play
      • 3rd – 7 total for the inning or 21 points after 3 innings of play
      • 4th – 7 total for the inning or 28 points after 4 innings of play
      • 5th – 7 total for the inning or 35 points after 5 innings of play

Time Limit:

  • Game time limit is 55 minutes.
  • Another inning may not begin after the 50 minute mark.
  • No inning may begin after 9:00 PM.
  • If a game is tied at the end of the time limit, no further play is permitted. The game will end in a tie
    (exception: tournament play).


  • The batting order shall include the entire roster of players (continuous batting) and ALL PLAYERS will play out in the field while on defense.
  • The batting order follows exactly the roster presented at the beginning of the game for the entire game.
  • The batting order will only change if a player was not able to take their turn, for instance due to injury or sickness. There will be no out recorded for injury or illness.
  • If a player arrives after the rosters are exchanged by the coaches, then his/her name should be added at the bottom of the roster/batting order.
  • When a batter is at bat, the base coaches must be in the coach’s box. The other coach must bein the dugout.
  • The dugout coach is responsible for picking up the bats.


  • Batter will be allowed a maximum of three (3) strikes.
  • A batter cannot be called out swinging on a foul ball.
  • The umpire must declare PLAY or PLAY BALL before the batter may hit the ball. Penalty: ball is dead and batter is out.
  • If a player throws a bat after hitting, a warning will be given. If the bat is throw a second time, the player will be out.
  • Stealing bases is not allowed.
  • Head base runner will determine when play is stopped. Aggressive base running is encouraged to actively aid in the players learning to throw the ball to each and every base.
  • If a ball is overthrown, on first base only, one additional base will be granted.


  • The pitcher must begin play with both feet on the rubber, infielders must be on the infield dirt in their regular positions and outfielders must be on the outfield grass when the batter is in the batter’s box and the ball is put into play.
  • If a runner is occupying 3rd base and advances home, the pitcher may run down the runner for the out. All players are encouraged to throw and make the out. Do not abuse the run down plays, they will happen, but will NOT happen every play. We are a teaching league and should be getting these players ready for their futures. Remember this is baseball – some plays will warrant a run down by the pitcher – just not EVERY play.

Dead Ball:

  • The ball is dead and the runners must return to the last legally touched base if the catcher has the ball and touches home plate or if the pitcher has the ball and touches home plate or the pitching rubber.
  • If a pitcher fields a ball on the rubber, he may in a reasonable amount of time (2-3 seconds) make an attempt to make a play or the umpire may declare the play dead. This is a judgment call.
  • If a pitcher or catcher makes a force out at home, they must retouch home plate or the pitchers rubber to kill the play as described above.


  • All catchers must wear catcher’s helmet with throat guard or batter’s helmet with face guard and a throat guard.
  • Pitchers must wear full batters helmet.
  • All batters and base runners must wear full batter’s helmet.
  • No on deck batters. All players must stay in the dugout until it is time to bat.
  • If players are playing around in the field, have your umpires trained to stop play and get them on track.


  • Coaches must have the umpire’s permission to be on the field at any time during play. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action, except in the case of injury to a player and then time must still be called.
  • No Coach will charge out of the dugout when questioning an umpire’s decision. An act of this nature will result in immediate dismissal from the game/ballpark.
  • Harassing of umpires, opposing players, or opposing coaches will not be permitted for any reason.
  • Coaches will be responsible for the acts of their parents. This also includes the harassment of their own child/children or their teammates. Dismissal from the game/ballpark will be the penalty for violations of this rule.
  • No player/child can play on any other team unless listed on the Pool Play Form.

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