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Multiple Town Agreement


To be signed by all managers every year

Spur, Jayton, Motley County, Patton Springs, Guthrie


I.        THE FIELD

A.      Spur Little League will not pay to bring your field up to spec.  We ask that communities who wish to use their own field be able to present an acceptable field at the time of their request.  Field will be subject to inspection from the Spur Little League Safety Officer or League President.

B.      Spur Little League will not pay utility bills or rent on your field.  Spur Little League will not mow or maintain your field.



A.      Spur Little League pays the charter fees, insurance fees, and provides equipment and uniforms for your town’s teams. 

B.      All concession costs and proceeds from your field are autonomous to you and will go to benefit the operation and maintenance of your field, or any other local baseball or softball related need you deem necessary.

C.      In the case of sponsorships.  We currently sell sponsorships for Spur Little League which range from “shout outs” at home games to fence signs and names on the backs of jerseys.  These sponsorships are what allows us to charge such low registration fees for all the kids from all the towns.  Therefore while we certainly ask for your help in selling sponsorships in your town, all sponsorships sold will go to Spur Little League.  The league will provide the sign and all other benefits.  However in the case of field signs, it is the responsibility of each field manager to make sure that the signs are maintained and displayed properly.



A.      If you have enough players to field your own team in any division, preference will be given for you to form your own “distinct” team, with the following exceptions.  In either of the cases below, Spur Little League may refuse you the right to form a “distinct” team.

1.       Kids from Spur, do not have enough to form 1 team of their own in the same division, in which case players from your town will be required to join a “Spur Little League” team so that all can play. 

2.       Your “distinct” team can only be formed by “playing up” younger players to the detriment of the rest of Spur Little League (i.e. another team can’t field at least 10 because kids that should be on their team have been “played up”).  In this case the players may be required to play in their correct age bracket so that all can play.

B.      If you do not have enough for your own “distinct” team, players from your town may still be “pooled” together onto the same Spur team to make traveling to practices and games more convenient.  However, you must skip every other draft pick in the draft until the team numbers even out.  (For example: You have four players that wish to be pooled together, so with your first pick you will be selecting 4 players.  The other team selects two, then you select 1, then the other team selects 2, and then you select 1.  At this point you will have 5 players to their 4.  They will select 1 more to make the rosters even, and the draft will proceed as normal.) Players grouped in this way must be drafted first.

C.      If you are able to form your own “distinct” team (under the guidelines of III-A-1 & III-A-2), you may choose any mascot and team name you like.

D.      All combined teams must follow the mascot theme adopted by Spur Little League. (Bulldogs, Spurettes, etc.)



A.      If you have a distinct team (100%) from your town, and all your players fit the proper age requirements for your team (no one is “playing up”), and Spur Little League has also been able to field a team in the same age bracket (your kids are not needed to form a team in Spur), then you may schedule practices and games on your field at your discretion.

B.      If you do not have enough kids to form your own distinct team, your kids are still eligible to play in Spur Little League, but they must play on a “Spur” team.  You may seek to place them all on one team (see II-B) but they will still be considered a “Spur” team with home games and practices set in Spur.


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