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Notes on Rules

Regulation VI – Baseball Pitchers

  • Threshold now applies to number of pitches thrown then move to catcher (40 pitches)
  • Threshold now applies to number of pitches thrown then pitch in a 2nd game that day for Jr. and Sr. (30 pitches)

Regulation VI – Softball Pitchers

  • A pitcher can return to pitch once per inning as long as they stay in the game
  • Minors can use as many pitchers as they want - Majors can only use 5 pitchers per game

Rule 1 – Objectives of the Game

  • Add-on devices to bats are Prohibited
  • No pine tar or any other adhesive anywhere on the bat

Rule 2 - Definitions

  • Appeals 7.10
  • Balk 8.05
  • Base Coach 4.05
  • Base on Balls 8.04 and Regulation VI
    • Majors and Minors are the only divisions you don’t have to throw the pitch
  • Battery – Pitcher and Catcher
  • Batting Order 6.07
  • Bench or Dugout 3.17
  • Bunt – Make the right call – a Bunt is NOT a swing. We use the term “Slap Bunt” in softball which is a swing and not a Bunt. Bunting foul with 2 strikes is considered an out. In softball, a slap bunt foul with 2 strikes is a foul ball.
    • Baseball you must move the bat towards the ball to be called an attempt. If the bat stays stationary, it’s not considered an attempt.
    • Softball you must move the bat back or it’s considered an attempt. If the bat stays stationary, it’s considered an attempt.
  • Catch – You must have possession, control, and then transfer (voluntary release).
  • Dead Ball Area 5.09
  • Foul Tip 6.06 – this is not a foul ball
  • Illegal Batted Ball 6.06
  • Infield Fly 7.08
  • Must have a force out at 3rd
    • Must have less than 2 outs
    • Must have an apex to the batted ball
    • Can (not could, not will) be caught with ordinary effort
  • Inning 4.04 and 5.07
    • Minors must have 5-run limit, 3 outs, or once thru the batting order for a half inning
    • Locally you can use more runs but not less runs per inning
  • Interference 7.09
  • Obstruction 7.06
  • Retouch 7.10
  • Strike Zone 2.0
  • Runner 7.01
    • 7.06 – When a runner is stealing home and the catcher jumps out in from of the plate to catch the ball, call a balk on the pitcher and award the batter 1st base on catcher interference
    • 7.08 Hurdling is legal if it’s not malicious
    • Softball – There is no “Look Back” rule. Runners are entitled to 1 stop, then they must decide to go back or go forward. They get 3 seconds once the pitcher has the ball and enters the circle if a play is not being made on them.

Rule 3 – Game Preliminaries

  • Substitutions – Regular season is now the same as Tournament Play. Starter must go back in the same position in the batting order.
  • UIC is responsible for the condition of the field during regular season. Tournament Director is responsible during Tournament Play.

Rule 4 – Starting and Ending the Game

  • 4.10 - 15 run rule is optional during regular season
    • If a time limit is used for Major and above divisions, you must have a minimum number of innings played – even if it goes past the time limit
  • 4.15 - Game may be forfeited by the UIC (UIC must be 18 or older) if:
    • Team refuses to start play within 10 minutes
    • Team refuses to play at all
    • Team fails to resume play within 1 minute
    • Team fails to obey umpire to remove a player from the game
    • Team willfully and persistently violates the rules
    • Team is using tactics to delay, shorten, or make a travesty of the game
  • 4.19 – Protest
    • Only violation or interpretation of the rules
    • Cannot protest Umpire judgement
    • Manager or acting manager is the only one who can protest
    • Must be done before the next play
    • Both the manager and umpire must submit a report within 24 hrs. to the DA
    • Minor Division – league may adopt to resolve before the next play

Rule 5 – Putting the ball in play

Rule 6 – The Batter

  • 6.07 – B O O (Batting Out of Order)
    • Keys:
      • Who batted
      • Who was supposed to bat
      • When was it appealed
         Who’s up next
  • 6.08 – Entitled to 1st base
    • Intentional Walk (Majors and Minors only) – must announce before 1 pitch is thrown to the batter
  • 6.09 – Batter becomes a runner
    • Uncaught 3rd strike

Rule 7 – The Runner

Rule 8 – The Pitcher – Softball

  • 8.06 – Visits (1 per inning, 2 per game) (Minor’s 2 per inning, 3 per game)

Rule 8 – The Pitcher – Baseball

  • 8.02 - Pitcher can come to their mouth or lips while on the mound, just not on the rubber
  • 8.06 – Visits (1 per inning, 2 per game) (Minor’s 2 per inning, 3 per game)

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