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Rule Changes 2021

  • Regulation IV(i), Rule 2.00, and Tournament Rule 9 – Revises mandatory play to require a player to run the bases after 1 at-bat, if they reach base, until they are retired, score, or the inning or game ends.
  • Tournament Rule 9 – Mandatory play – A player removed prior to meeting the running portion of their Mandatory Play requirement will be treated as an improper substitute. The 6 outs must be consecutive.
  • Regulation IV(i) Note 4 – Roster with 15 or more, Mandatory Play is 3 defensive outs and 1 at bat.
  • Regulation VII(d) and Rule 4.12(d) – Minor League may play 1 doubleheader in a calendar week. Major League may play 2 doubleheaders in a calendar week.
  • Regulation VII(h), X©, Rule 4.10 and 4.11 – Allows local leagues to establish time limits for games regardless of the number of innings played.
  • Rule 1.01 and 3.17 – Permits Tee Ball and Instructional Minor Divisions to have 3 coaches.
  • Rule 1.01, 4.04, 4.16, 4.17, and 6.05 – Permits a local league to start and play games with 8 players. District voted the 9th position will be an out.
  • Rule 2.00, 3.04, and 7.14 – Regular Season, allows a courtesy runner for the pitcher and/or catcher when there are 2 outs if you have more than 9 players. Courtesy Runner is a player not currently in the batting order. For Continuous batting order – must be the player that made the last out.
  • Rule 6.08(a) MINOR AND MAJOR BASEBALL ONLY – Allows a defensive team to intentionally walk a batter at any time during the at-bat. Any balls not thrown will be added to the pitch count.
  • Rule 6.08(a) SOFTBALL ALL DIVISIONS – Permits a defensive team to intentionally walk a batter.
  • Rule 8.01(g) SOFTBALL ONLY – Permits the pitcher to remove him/herself from the pitcher’s plate with either foot first prior to the hands being brought together.
  • Rule 8.01(g) SOFTBALL ONLY – Revises the penalty for an illegal pitch in Junior and Senior Divisions to be a ball on the batter and no effect on any base runners.
  • Rule 9.04(a) – Permits the plate umpire to stand behind the catcher or pitcher during Regular Season.


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