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Baseball Minor - Coach Pitch Rules to Know

Baseball and Softball Coach Pitch Rules

Non-Competitive Minor League

The official 2020 Little League Rule Book shall govern play except as modified below.

Rule #1: These players are 7 & 8 years old. Please remember this at all times

All players will play on defense.


  • Each batter will be allowed a maximum of five (5) pitches or three (3) swinging strikes.
  • A batter may not be called out swinging on a foul ball.
  • A batter hit by a pitched ball will not be awarded 1st base. The pitch will count toward his/her five (5)
    maximum pitches.


  • The Pitching Coach must pitch overhanded for baseball
  • The Pitching Coach must pitch underhanded for softball
  • The Pitching Coach will deliver the ball to the batter from the pitching rubber
  • The Pitching Coach may give instruction/coach to the batter.
  • A Pitching Coach may be substituted but only at the beginning of an inning.
  • The player in the pitcher position must wear a full protective batter helmet (face mask/shield is not required).
  • The player in the Pitcher position must begin play with one foot inside the Pitchers Circle (baseball 10’ diameter circle, softball 8’ radius circle).
  • When a pitched ball is being returned to the pitcher by the catcher, the catcher may come out to the 5-foot mark (5 feet in front of home plate) to throw the ball. The pitcher may come out to the 5-foot mark (5 feet in front of the pitching circle) to catch the ball.
  • If the catcher or pitcher steps over the line, the ball becomes live and runners may advance at own risk.
  • At any time, if the pitcher does not catch the throw from the catcher, the runner may advance at own risk.

Time Limit, Runs, and Ties:

  • The time limit for a coach pitch game is one hour and fifteen minutes (75 minutes).
  • A new inning may not start after the one hour and ten-minute mark (70 minutes).
  • No inning may begin after 10:00PM (LL curfew rule).
  • If the game is a tie at the end of regulation, the game ends in a tie (regular season games).
  • Coach Pitch teams have an inning limit of five (5) runs. These are cumulative during the game.

Stopping a Play

  • The ball is dead, and TIME is called when the lead runner is stopped.
  • The lead base runner will determine when the play is stopped. If the lead base runner is stopped by a defensive player, that runner will not initiate advancement toward the next base. The other runners must immediately attempt to advance or return to base. When all runners have stopped, the umpire shall call TIME.
  • The defense should not throw the ball to the Pitching Coach until TIME has been called. Otherwise, base runners may advance at will until TIME is called, or the Pitching Coach is in possession of the ball.

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