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How to sign up?

The name of the app is called MoneyDolly

The app can be downloaded on any Android or Apple device

Once you download the app and register an account, you will be asked to put in a code to pull up our Fundraiser, that code is: Z 8 D P – 2 7 H 4 (must include the dash)

The next step is to select your Age group, for example, "5U".

You are now live to sell! If you click on "My Digital Cards" under the Home page you will be redirected to our card.

Click on "View/Use Deals" and you will see all of the discounts and coupons on the app.

How to use:

For this example you will be going to Papa John's Pizza. DO NOT CLICK REDEEM NOW FOR THIS EXAMPLE.

If you click on the coupon you will see all of the locations the coupon is valid at the bottom. Once you get to the checkout counter open this coupon and click 'redeem now'.

The coupon will become active and a barcode will appear for the cashier to scan.

I will be sending out weekly earnings updates to each team, however you may email me with a request to see your individual earnings at any point.

The fundraiser will end on March 19th.

Once it is finished, we will order prizing for all of our winners and payments will be processed Seven days after it ends.

If you have any questions leading up to the Zoom meeting dates, don't hesitate to email your Coordinator or Michael Carroll.

[email protected].

Time to have some fun!


What makes this fundraiser so great?

§  No collecting of cash or having to chase down order forms

§  No door to door selling required

§  You can share your fundraising link through a QR code photo or by sending the link via multiple digital options including text messages


Entry to win a Playstation 5 with MLB The Show - must sell 30 cards to be entered.
* One additional entry into the PS5 drawing for every card sold after 30 (example: 35 cards sold = 6 entries)

2) Everyone who sells 30 cards get a custom performance shirt with player's name on it.

3) Overall top seller: $200 Academy Gift Card

4) Runner up top seller: Custom bicycle

5) Earn $7 back from your registration fee for every card sold (must sell a minimum of 5 cards to get reimbursement)
* Capped at your Registration fee: 
5u - 8u: $265.00
9u - 18u: $275.00

See the source image  See the source image

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