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Game Length
Games are six innings with a recommendation to stop after approximately of two hours of play. Game is official after four full innings or 3 1/2 innings if the home team is leading, an unofficial game is replayed entirely. If the last  completed inning of play ended with a tie score, the game will be recorded as a tie.

Runs Per Inning
Five runs MAXIMUM are scored in the offensive teams half of the inning, the offensive team takes the field regardless of the number of outs. The inning will not end until the final play has ended, but a maximum of only five runs will count.
The five-run rule DOES NOT apply in the sixth inning.

Tie Game
In the event of a tie game, there will be no extra innings played. The game will be recorded as a tie.

A minimum of eight players are required to start and finish a game. In the event that one team does not have the required number of players to start a scheduled game, the teams will share players and the game WILL be played. The intent is to play the game.

Weather and Field Conditions
Prior to the start of the game, all judgments regarding weather/ field conditions are the responsibility of the home team manager. In no event shall a game continue if there is lightning sighted or thunder heard. If the game is stopped, both team managers shall consult regarding continuation of the game.

Playing Field
Bases are 55 feet apart. The pitching distance is 30 feet. There is a 3 foot running lane at first base and hash marks should be placed midway between first and second bases and third base and home plate.

Each team may field up to 12 players on defense, six will be outfielders. No player can sit on the bench for two consecutive innings. Free substitution is applicable to all defensive positions. A player may play no more than
two innings at any one position and no more than four innings in the infield. Coaches are encouraged to move players around. Catchers are considered infielders.
Outfielders are to be positioned approximately 20 feet behind the infielders. Outfielders can make force outs at the bases provided they start in the correct position behind the infielders.

Overthrows at first, second, and third base will result in a dead ball and runners cannot advance.

Infield Fly Rule
The infield fly rule is NOT in effect.

Defensive Conferences
Managers/coaches are permitted defensive conferences during an inning to instruct a player or players. Managers are to exercise prudence and limit the time spent on the conference so as not to delay the game. Managers may be on the field to help instruct, but they are to be positioned behind the outfielders or in foul territory.
Innings per Game
Managers or coaches will pitch to their own team. No pitching arc is required. The manager pitcher should attempt to offer a pitch to the player that is consistent with a 6 foot minimum 12 foot maximum arc. A defensive player will occupy the pitching position. Coaches are encouraged to adjust the height of the arc consistent with the skill level of the player, striving to get the players to hit from the full 12 foot arc as soon as their skill level dictates.

Pitching Distance
The pitching distance of 30 feet may be adjusted to accommodate player ability. A player/pitcher must have at least one foot inside 16 foot diameter circle around the pitching rubber when the pitched is released. She can move as soon as the pitch is thrown.

Batter/Base Runner
A continuous batting order will apply. Players arriving after the game has started can be inserted in the last position in the lineup.

Offensive Conferences
Managers/coaches are permitted offensive conferences during an inning to instruct a player or players. Managers are to exercise prudence and limit the time spent on the conference so as not to delay the game.

Courtesy Runner
The manager is permitted to substitute a base runner for an injured base runner at any time regardless of the number of outs. The substituted runner will be the player who recorded the last out.

Failure to Bat
If a player cannot take her turn at bat, that position in the line-up will be skipped. The player can return to the line-up at any time in the same position the batting order.

Ball/Strike Count
A batter will be allowed seven pitches before being called out. An at bat cannot end on a foul ball.

Base Awarded to Runners
Hash marks in the base line will be used to determine the base runners position at the time the play is declared dead. If the runner is beyond the hash mark, the runner will be awarded the next base. If the runner is not beyond the hash mark, the runner will be returned to the base last occupied. When a ball is hit into the outfield and returned to the infield by the outfielder, play will stop when the infielder gains full control of the ball. Runners will be awarded bases predicated upon their location relative to the hash marks when play was stopped.

Leading and Base Stealing
Courtesy/Relaxed Step
No courtesy or relaxed step is permitted. The runner cannot leave the base until the ball is hit.

Helmet Rule
Managers must enforce this rule for the safety of the players.

Batter/Base Runner
Each batter and base runner must wear an approved batting helmet. The helmet must be worn securely while at bat and when the batter becomes a base runner. IT IS PARTICULARLY IMPORTANT THAT ALL PLAYERS WEAR THE HELMET WHILE RUNNING THE BASES.

Player or Coach Ejection
Refusal to wear a helmet will result in the player being ejected from the game. The player will be declared out. The player shall be removed from the lineup and the batting order shall continue. The ejected player’s batting position will be skipped for the remainder of the game. Any player or coach ejected from a game is also suspended from the next played game, a second ejection will result in a suspension for the remainder of the season.

Player Recorded Out
If, while running the bases, the helmet comes off any base runner’s head, or any base runner removes the helmet prior to leaving the field of play (unless time has been called and the play is declared dead), the offending base runner will be called out, play will be stopped at the first opportunity and all remaining base runners will be assigned the nearest base. THE OFFENSIVE TEAM IS NOT TO BENEFIT FROM A LOST HELMET BY A BASE RUNNER.

Stopping Play
If a player’s helmet becomes dislodged during a slide or due to contact with a defensive player, the player will not be called out. Time will be called, and play will be stopped at the first opportunity. All base runners will be awarded the base they were closest to at the time the play is stopped. The intent of the rule is to protect the players from accident or injury from thrown balls. The rule is not intended to penalize a player for premature removal of a batting helmet. NEITHER THE OFFENSIVE OR DEFENSIVE TEAM IS TO UNFAIRLY BENEFIT OR BE UNFAIRLY PENALIZED AS A RESULT OF AN INADVERTANT LOST HELMET BY A BASE RUNNER.

The home team provides two new DeMARINI A9244B ASA.44 Poly Core 375 Compression ratio white with flat red stitch 11-inch softballs.

Softball bats and baseball bats are officially authorized, unless they are more than 2 1/4 inches in diameter or 34 inches in length. Bat rings and bat warmers are not permitted. Wood bats, aluminum bats manufactured before 2000, and ASA stamped 2000 and 2004 bats are legal.

Catcher's Equipment
Catchers must wear a helmet with a facemask and attached throat protector, chest protector, and shin guards are optional.

Helmet Chin Straps
NOCSAE approved batting helmets are required, NOCSAE approved face guards and chin straps are optional but recommended.

Team players are to wear their issued uniform and must also wear a numbered jersey. Additional appropriate clothing is permitted and encouraged during cold weather.

No visible jewelry is permitted either on the player’s body or clothing or hat/visor. The only exception is medic alert bracelets and we urge that they be removed also during the game. Taping over piercings is not permitted.

Umpires and Coaches
Umpire Assignments
The home team manager will schedule an umpire for the game.

Any disputes and/or unusual situations that occur during the game are to be reported to your Association Representative. Your Association Representative is to file a report with the Instructional League 8 and under Slow
Pitch Coordinator, who will advance it to the SP commissioner if necessary.

Umpires and Coaches
The umpires and coaches are adults charged with the responsibility of seeing that the girls play the game fairly and safely. You are partners in this effort, not adversaries.

Any coach that removes a team from the field and refuses to complete a game will be banned from the GPGSL.



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