The Valley East Little League will be holding our first annual 7/8-year-old tournament.  The tournament will be double-elimination, beginning on Saturday, July 1, 2023, and wrapping up prior to the Tri-County 7/8 Tournament on July 15, 2023.  Anticipated end date is July 9, 2023, depending on the number of registered teams.

Tournament teams will be limited to a 15-player roster with league age following the Little League Age Chart for 2023.  Rosters and birth certificates will need to be presented at the tournament meeting to review tournament rules and pick pairings.

The entrance fee is $150 per team, which is due at the meeting.  Tournament balls will be provided by Valley East Little League.  To reserve a place in the tournament, or if you have any questions, please email [email protected].  Deadline for registration is Friday, June 16, 2023.

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Valley East Little League

Tournament Bracket

Registered Teams

1. Valley East Little League
     (Drums, PA)
2. Valley West Little League
     (Sugarloaf, PA)
3. Freeland Little League
     (Freeland, PA)
4. Hazle Township Little League
     (Hazle Township, PA)
5. Jim Thorpe Little League
     (Jim Thorpe, PA)
6. Franklin Township Little League
     (Lehighton, PA)
7. Towamensing Little League
     (Palmerton, PA)
8. Anthracite Little League
     (Summit Hill, PA)
9. Weatherly Little League
     (Weatherly, PA)
10. Mountain Top Area Little League
     (Mountain Top, PA)

Tournament Rules

A copy of the tournament rules can be downloaded HERE.

A team must have a minimum of eight (8) players at the start of the game or it will be considered a forfeit.

2.       A regulation game is five (5) innings with no time limit.

2.1.   A game will be considered complete if one of the following conditions has been met:

2.1.1.    A 15-Run Rule is in effect after three (3) complete innings of play.
2.1.2.    A 10-Run Rule is in effect after four (4) complete innings of play.
2.1.3.    Five (5) full innings have been completed and a winner has been determined.

3.       An inning will consist of three (3) outs or a max of five (5) runs allowed, whichever comes first.  The max run rule for the final (5th) inning and any extra innings is a max of ten (10) runs allowed.

3.1.   If runners are still advancing during the at-bat when the max allowed runs were scored, play will continue until the current at-bat is complete.  All runs scored during the at-bat beyond the max allowed runs will count.

3.2.   The batter and/or runner(s) may continue to advance on any balls hit to the outfield, touched or untouched by an infielder, until it has been returned to the infield.  A ball is considered returned to the infield when the ball reaches the infield, whether it be thrown, caught, or run in by a defensive player.  This is further defined as:

3.2.1.    The ball landed in the infield, regardless of if the ball landed in fair or foul territory.  The ball was caught or touched by an infielder while in the infield.

3.3.   If the batter and/or runner has not crossed the base before the ball has been returned to the infield, or have stopped advancing to the next base, they will be required to return to their previous base once play has stopped.  The batter and/or runner(s) can be thrown out while attempting to advance to the next base or returning to the previous base.

3.4.   Base runners are permitted to tag-up on fly balls hit to the outfield.  The player must re-touch or remain on the starting base until the ball is caught before attempting to advance and may be thrown out while attempting to advance.

4.       All players will bat in a continuous lineup.

5.       There will be no leads, stealing, nor advancing on overthrows.

6.       A courtesy runner is allowed for the catcher only.

7.       Innings pitched will consist of:

7.1.   Players will pitch innings 1, 3, and 5.

7.1.1.    If a pitcher beans three (3) batters in a game, they must be removed from the position of pitcher.

7.2.   Coaches will pitch innings 2, 4, and any extra innings.

7.2.1.    An at-bat consists of three (3) swinging strikes or six (6) pitches, whichever comes first.  A foul ball on the sixth (6th) pitch, and all subsequent pitches, will award the batter with one (1) additional pitch.

7.3.   Bunting is allowed during Player Pitch innings only.

7.4.   All Little League pitch count rules will be followed.

8.       Defense is limited to a maximum of ten (10) players with four (4) outfielders.

8.1.   All players must play a minimum of six (6) consecutive defensive outs per game.

8.2.   The player filling the defensive role of pitcher will be required to keep one foot on the mound until the pitch is thrown.  They may start on either side of the pitching mound but must be even with, or behind, the coach that is pitching.

9.       There will be no Infield Fly Rule.

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