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Babe Ruth Rules              13-16 Year Olds (Prep & Standard)


  • TIME LIMIT – 2 hours (2:00) drop dead time or seven (7) innings, whichever comes first. No new innings after 1:45. If the drop dead time is reached, the score will revert back to the last full completed inning. Regular Season games WILL end in a TIE.

  • Tournament games will continue until there is a winner. Championship Games there is No Time Limit, 7 innings will be played.

  • 60’-6” pitching Distance and 90’ Base paths. 

  • Pitchers once removed from the mound may not return as pitchers

  • No Player shall sit out 2 defensive innings in a row and no player shall sit more than 2 innings in a game. Free substitution of defensive players with the exception of the pitcher. However, the batting lineup may not be altered and remains the same throughout the game.

  • Catchers must wear a protective cup.

  • No pitcher shall appear in a game as a pitcher for three consecutive calendar days, regardless of pitch counts

  • Plays at Home – Players are not required to slide, but they must avoid contact (they cannot leap).  If they make contact with a catcher making a play, it must be with a slide.

  • Base paths -  if in the path of a throw they must slide immediately or peel out of the baseline.

  • Half inning ends on the 7th run regardless of the result of the play.

  • Mercy rule 10 runs after 5 complete innings, or 4 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead.

  • All bats must bear the USA stamp or BBCOR 0.50 rating with 2 ⅝” max barrel size.

  • All players are in the batting lineup regardless of whether they played in the field during the defensive inning.Time between innings should be no more than 2 minutes or 6 warm up pitches whichever comes first. 

  • Use two-out runner for pitcher & catcher. The runner will be the last recorded player out, whether that was a strike out or put-out. 

  • HOME dugout is the 1st base dugout at both Bywater and Alta Canyons.

Pitch Count (Days rest based on # of pitches thrown during game)


Daily Max

0 Days Rest

1 Days Rest

2 Days Rest

3 Days Rest

4 Days Rest








*Pitch Count numbers are based on pitch smart guidelines.  

Potential Slide rule clarification:  

Slide rule/hurdles/jumps —It is the responsibility of the runner to avoid contact at home plate. If contact is initiated by the runner, it must be through the process of a slide. Malicious or Intentional contact AT ANY BASE will result in an out and the ejection of the runner from the game. This is a judgment call and is the discretion of the umpire. A slide rule WILL be enforced when an infielder is attempting to turn a double play at second base. If the runner is not close enough to merit a slide, they must peel away from the baseline. This rule is for the protection of the base runner. The base runner and batter will be called out if the runner's not sliding or not peeling away affects the defensive play. This is the umpire’s discretion. A runner may not hurdle, jump over, or leap over a fielder unless the fielder is lying prone on the ground. Penalty: The runner is out, but the ball remains live unless the umpire calls interference. Note: Jumping over a kneeling fielder is illegal.


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