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League City Little League

Concessions and Scorekeeping

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Teens ages 14 and older are eligible to work in the concession stand or in the field box keeping score
during the spring season.


LCLL_pitch count sheets.xlsx


For those teens who are siblings or family members of players, please add the contact information under the player's profile in our system. You can login to your registration account and click next to the player's name to enter/edit any information. If the teen is not associated with a player in our system please plan to attend the clinic in order to sign up to work.

Score-keeping/Concession Training Clinic will be on Sunday, 2/26/17, at the Sportsplex near field #1.
Score-Keeping at 3pm and Concessions at 4pm. 

The Concession Director will contact those teens wishing to work shifts. Pay is $10/hr and a typical weekday shift is approx. 4-5 hrs and a weekend shift will range from 3-5 hrs. For scorekeeping, we will have the list of available teens posted here before the first game. It will list those teens who are willing to work either the score-book or score-board for parents wishing to hire someone to work their score-keeping duty if they choose to. Pay is $20/game and the game times range from 1hr 15 mins to 1hr 45 mins (depending on the division) and times will vary as the inning will be finished even if the time limit has exired. Please plan to meet 10 mins prior to the start of the game to pay the hired teen in cash, no exceptions. 

Scorekeeping for Hire

Please see the list below (and link provided to save a copy of the list) for those teens who are able to work score-keeping shifts
for the Spring'17 season. Cost is $20/game and it must be paid to the teen in cash 10 mins prior to the start of the game.


First Name Last Name Cellphone Book Board Availability

Hill 504-715-9976XXAnytime 
Joey Leeper 832-331-4120 X XAnytime 
Kiley Bednarczyk 409-392-7359 X X Anytime
Gillian Benz 281-853-5057 X X Anytime
Megan Brown 270-925-1011 X X Anytime
Amiah Burgess 832-221-5771 X X Anytime
Chance Cheeney 713-471-2140 X X Anytime
Grant Coburn 281-935-4995 X X Anytime
Hunter Creel 832-425-7454 X X Anytime
Evan Esfeller 251-599-5088 X X Anytime
Emma Fisher 832-503-9771 X X Anytime
Sophia Gilbride 832-970-0046 X X Anytime
Sadie Gilbride 832-970-0046 X X Anytime
JP Gonzalez 832-221-6276 X X Depends on HS sports
Christian Goodson 832-914-6868 X X Anytime
Shelby Green 409-539-0733 X X Anytime
Rylan Harwell 281-467-5114 X X Anytime
Mikylie Hines 614-943-5239 X X Anytime
Havyn Hines 614-943-5382 X X Anytime
Preston Holmes 713-806-4821 X X Anytime
Tyler Hoppie 832-691-0648 X X Anytime
Katherine Hoppie 832-588-8507 X X Anytime
Kevin Huang 409-526-2077 X X Anytime
Angela Kapp 409-256-8493
X Anytime
Cross Keenan 832-738-8228 X X Anytime
Kolby Kelley 409-370-2524 X X Anytime
Cole Kelso 832-208-4157 X X Anytime
Joseph Kudler 832-517-7789 X X Anytime
Sarah Laffey 281-755-5152 X X Anytime
Shannon Laffey 832-285-2562 X X Depends on job
Shelby Langton 832-993-4864 X X Anytime
Joey Leeper 832-331-4120 X X Anytime
Desmond Martinez 409-539-0057 X X Anytime
Cooper McGee 484-838-0060
X X Anytime
Luke Mclendon 713-296-9038 X
X No Mon/Fri and only late games

Alex Mclendon 713-296-9038 X X Anytime
Maycee Moreno 832-970-8042 X X Anytime
Wesley Nabors 281-979-1030 X X Anytime
Juliana Niedermaier 832-535-7554 X X Anytime
Parker Nunn 281-733-4791 X X Anytime
Ethan Perkins 832-922-3830 X X Anytime
Aiden Perkins 832-922-3830 X X Anytime
Ethan Perkins 832-341-6696 X X Anytime
Gavin Pfleger 713-498-2658 X X No Mon/Wed
Emma Pistone 832-217-5232 X X Anytime
Erin Pritchard 832-217-6665 X X Anytime
Thomas Roger 281-744-4907
X Anytime
AJ Roppolo 314-262-9655 X X Anytime
Sydney Rose 832-465-3491 X X Anytime
Austin Rumbaugh 713-408-2823 X X Anytime
Cristian Sackett 832-820-0682 X X Anytime
Troy Sackett 832-820-1061 X X Anytime
Eduardo Salinas 281-614-9312 X X Anytime
Craig Smith 832-846-4555 X X Anytime
Kinlea Stanton 281-733-5640 X X Anytime
Kylee Sullivan 832-221-9458 X X No Tues/Sun
Alex Sutton 832-316-7334 X X Anytime
Jacob Tidwell 281-332-4821 X X No Tues/Wed/Thur
Brycen Toups 832-580-7170 X X Anytime
JP VandeWettering 610-306-4644 X X Anytime
Austin Williams 832-425-0685 X X Anytime
Tyler Williams 210-818-5686 X X Anytime
Peyton Winter 832-621-7421 X X Weekends
Makenzie Yarnold 713-253-7054 X X Anytime