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All Star General Information

Each spring LCLL forms both an American and National All Star team of 12-13 players for each age group from 7U to 12U to represent our league in the annual District 14 tournament that takes place after the regular season ends. Selection to the team is determined by coach selection for the 7 and 8 year old teams and a combination of player vote/coach selection for the 9 to 12 year old teams and is outlined in detail in our local options which can be found on our main page.

There is an exhibition (similar to a tryout but not required in order to be selected to the team) for each age group and selection of the players is done shortly after. Dates for the exhibition are listed below.

An All Star commitment form MUST be filled out and submitted with required deposit by the deadline announced in order for a player to be added to the ballot. The deposit is $100 and payable to LCLL by check and will be held only to ensure the commitment is met and uniform/tournament costs are covered and for those who do not make the team it is returned within a week after announcements and for those players who do make the team it is returned following the tournament.



2018 All Star Exhibition:

7-9 year olds (age as of 8/31/18) 
is on Sunday 5/6/18

7 - 1-2pm on field 1
8 - 2-3pm on field 1
9 - 1-2pm on field 4

7 - 3-4pm on field 1
8 - 4-5pm on field 1
9 - 3-4pm on field 4

10-12 year olds (age as of 8/31/18)
is on Sunday 5/20/18

10 - 1-2pm on field 2
11 - 1-2pm on field 3
12 - 2-3pm on field 3

10 - 3-4pm on field 2
11 - 3-4pm on field 3
12 - 4-5pm on field 3

2017 All Stars

7-9 year old divisions

- Congrats to the following 7-9 year olds who were chosen to the 2017 All Star teams! -

American 7                                       National 7 - 2017 DISTRICT 14 CHAMPS!
Layne Auffarber                                 Ty Antley
Liam Burke                                         Cody Eggleston
Greyson Fortuna                                Kellar Gann
Jackson Hubbard                               Guillean Guerra
Timothy Lala                                       Conner Joyce
Sterling Long                                      Chase Kelso
Andrew Moreno                                  Jake Mclendon
Bryce Morris                                       Parker Moe
Evan Pettiette                                     Travis Oubre
Max Saldana                                       Ryder Ullmann
Nolan Stem                                         Jaxson Weger
Jordan Trinta                                       Matthew young

American 8                                         National 8 - 2017 DISTRICT 14 CHAMPS!
Keagan Bessette                                 Peyton Creel
Cashel Butler                                       Kade Cromartie
Gage Collins                                        Holt Griffith
Jace Dyess                                         Jacob Herman
Brayden Ferraro                                  Kade Kupper
Keith Harris                                         Ty Matlock
Brady Landrum                                    Henry New   
Andrew Maston                                   Andrew Newsom
James Price                                        Jon Parker Peel
Luke Rose                                           Ryker Rumbaugh
Landon Sadler                                     Connor Walter
Matthew Steelman                              Andrew Wells     
Emerson Wyers

American 9                                        National 9
Gordon Bethel                                    Maddox Culp
Alexander Dillehay                             Joshua Cupitt
Dylan Dresen                                     Freddie Fincher
Hayden Ford                                      Colton Glover
Chance Friedrich                                Eli Haralson
Sonny Giacomazzi                             Jayden Hardung
Keagan Hauert                                   Noah Johnson
Hunter Hubbard                                  Carter Martinez
Austin Huff                                          Javi Martinez
Kaden Kelley                                       Brayden Mondey
Nicholas Lovelace                               Pryce Nunn
Camden Slazer                                   Karson Schulz
Danny Valenzuela                               Adrian Valdes

10-12 year old divisions

- Congrats to the following 10-12 year olds who were chosen to the 2017 All Star teams! -

American 10     2017 DISTRICT 14 CHAMPS!                                    National 10        
Ian Alper                                                                                                 Branson Colianni
Lyndon Auffarber                                                                                    Travis Eggleston
Harrison DuPont                                                                                     Brandon Hakim
Joseph Eureste                                                                                       Keegan McDermott
Dylan Ferraro                                                                                          Brody McGee
Leland Fields                                                                                           Tyler Morris
Blake Harwell                                                                                          Nathan Moss
Will Loeffler                                                                                             Jacob Newsom 
Scott Maier                                                                                              Evan Sandoval
Carter McCaffrey                                                                                     Cooper Simonds
Allen Moody                                                                                             Corbin Walter
Evan Sanchez                                                                                         Jackson Willson
Noah Stem   

National 11
Roland Aguillon, Jr.
Espiridion Esparza
Hunter Floyd
Kyle Hayes
Christopher Jernigan
Connor Keys
Alex Kudler
Jaice Lawson
Peyton Miller
Scott New
Austin Ryan
Kaden Trussell

American 12                                            National 12
Casyn Gage                                              Cole Bradley
Johnny Gonzalez                                      Mason Creel
Colton Hinson                                           Bryce Criswell
Jay Loeffler                                               Ethan Fountain
Marc Lovelace                                          Clayton Guidry
Jackson Morell                                         Connor Mondey 
Vincent Pistone                                        Ashton Quintanilla 
Patrick Puckly, III                                      Dylan Russo                  
Reagan Smith                                          Orrin Staehlin
Tobin Wood                                              Andrew Trinh
Dylan Wright                                             Caden Wells
Julian Ybarra                                             Branson Winter
                                                                  Ethan Yarnold