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League City Little League


The manager position is the Head Coach and they oversee all practices, games and coordinate all decisions for the team. They are responsible for evaluating players at tryouts, ranking and drafting players in their division and managing the team for the entire season. Each manager will have up to 3 formal assistant coaches in Tball, Rookie and the Dixie divisions and up to 2 assistant coaches in the AAA, Texas and Major divisions. The manager makes the final decision as to who the assistant coaches will be for his team but parents are encouraged to volunteer in other capacities with the team. 

Coaching Coordinator - Rich Kudler

Spring 2018 Team Managers

The Manager Selection Committee is happy to congratulate the 65 managers selected to represent LCLL this spring season.

See below for official manager listing.

Minor League Team Choices (link to hat that includes logo and colors)

Major League Team Choices (link to hat that includes logo and colors......please note it is the HOME hat)


Practice Sign-Up

During the Fall season managers select a practice day at the draft for their team and that day/time will remain set for the entire season. A 2nd practice is offered (when available) but once games begin it should be considered a voluntary practice. During the Spring season managers select a practice day during the draft that is a set practice only until games begin. If possible there will be a 2nd practice given in the spring. Once games begin practices are only scheduled when a team's schedule allows for it (have less than 3 other events). LCLL's local options state that no team should hold more than 3 events per week. An event is considered a game or a practice (includes cage practices). 

Cage and field practices must be reserved weekly and the link will be posted on Fridays at 8am for the upcoming week (Mon to Sun). Please put manager LAST name and please do not sign up for 2 cages at the same time as we have over 35 teams each fall and 65 teams each spring that must share these practices.

Practice signup week of 4/30/18 to 5/6/18