League City Little League


The manager position is the Head Coach and they oversee all practices, games and coordinate all decisions for the team. They are responsible for evaluating players at tryouts, ranking and drafting players in their division and managing the team for the entire season. Each manager will have up to 3 formal assistant coaches in Tball, Rookie and the Dixie divisions and up to 2 assistant coaches in the AAA, Texas and Major divisions. The manager makes the final decision as to who the assistant coaches will be for his team but parents are encouraged to volunteer in other capacities with the team. 

Coaching Coordinator - Rich Kudler

Spring 2017 Team Managers

LCLL - Spring'17 Managers
Division Name Name Division Name Name
American Major Crouch, Fred National Major Criswell, Jeremiah
American Major Gonzalez, Edward National Major Fountain, Richard
American Major Goodnight, Michael National Major Guidry, Gary
American Major Puckly, Patrick National Major Kudler, Richard
American Major Wilkins, Scott National Major Nunn, Carl
American Texas Barrett, Christopher National Texas Floyd, Shawn
American Texas Eureste, Joey National Texas Loftis, Johnny
American Texas Maier, Eric National Texas Newkirk, Greg
American Texas McCaffrey, Mike National Texas Simonds, Scott
American Texas Sanchez, Tony National Texas Willson, Sam
American AAA Dressen, David National AAA Jiles, Chase
American AAA Kelley, Kamaran National AAA Leeper, Steven
American AAA McDowell, Jeremy National AAA Martinez, Luiz
National AAA Mondey, Faris
National AAA Morrison, Terrell
American Dixie Grassmuck, John National Dixie Cox, Roy
American Dixie Lala, Russell National Dixie Creel, Tony
American Dixie Price, Jim National Dixie Eggleston, Todd
American Dixie Rose, Dale National Dixie Falconer, Chris
American Dixie Williams, John National Dixie Ferrarro, Anthony
National Dixie Kelso, Jeff
National Dixie McLendon, Jason
National Dixie Rumbaugh, Eric
American Rookie Auffarber, Tommy National Rookie Breeding, Ross
American Rookie Corbin, Jeremiah National Rookie Flores, Daniel
American Rookie McWilliams, Frank National Rookie Glover, Eric
American Rookie Ricketson, Jason National Rookie Johnston, Shane
National Rookie Mann, Richard
American TBall Danner, Lauren National TBall Betts, Charles
American TBall Davis, Justin National TBall Cavaness, Chad
American TBall Puckly, Patrick National TBall Leeper, Kirstin
American TBall Yount, Shayne National TBall McIntyre, Joshua