The Azalea Park Little League Story

The Azalea Park Little League Story

The Azalea Park Little League was founded in 1960 by a small group of parents dedicated to the principal that there is no such thing as a bad boy, and that by channeling a boy’s natural inclination would produce a better citizen.
This was a wise action that Edwin (Luke) Lukemire, Russ Harrison, Jim Goodwin, Ida Mae Fisher, Loraine Roberts, and others did for the boys of Azalea Park. Over the years the thoughts of this group of founders has proven to be quite sound.

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Extended Notes

2001: Junior Softball, ages 13 - 14 won the recent District III All-Star Championship Tournament defeating Union Park Little League in Game five by stealing home. They advanced to the State Sectional Tournament in Dade city were they placed 4th overall. What a great effort and we are so proud!!! Team members are: Lindsey Bacon, Ashley Darpino, Dayna Fisher, Megan Garcia, Tiffany Godell, Sarah Inglis, Ana Irizarry, Tiffany Katz, Brittany Maxwell, Marie Pitzer, Katie Robinson, Amanda Swarthout, Stephanie Wicks, Chris Wisotzkey. The manager for the team is Sue Wisotzkey and the coaches are Craig Swarthout and Carlos Garcia.

2002: The Azalea Park Little League 9 & 10 Year Old Baseball All-Stars won the District 3 Little League Championship with a 10-3 win over St. Cloud on July 10th. The boys had a rocky start in the tournament but jelled as a team when the games were on the line. Team members are Brian Aponte, Mitchell Colley, Corey Dehoyos, Jonathan Echevarria, Eddie Hadley, Jeremie Guzman, Danny Marin, Michael McCullough, Richie Rosario, Skyler Skersick, and Baylin Trujillo. Eddie Hadley is the team manager and the coaches are Ed Echevarria , Chris Skersick, and Joe Trujillo.

2003: The Azalea Park Little League Senior Softball Lady Gators won the District 3 Top Team Tournament with a win over the Conway Little League Brewers on June 5th. Terri O'Neal, District 3 Administrator, presented the Lady Gators with a Team Plague and the girls each received a Top Team Tournament Champion T-Shirt. The Lady Gators are Lindsey Bacon, Heather Beiner, Shaylyn Brady, Callie Davis, Dayna Fisher, Kaley Hudson, Lynnsey Lash, Dee Dee Negron, Jessica Nunez, Ivonne Pacheco, Chelsea Pettijohn, Nikki Reis, Amanda Swarthout, Sarah Swarthout, Carrie Tanner and Christine Ware. Keith Lyons is the team manager and the coaches are Ramiro Nunez, Tim Brady and Bill Beiner.

2009: Azalea Park played really well Monday night (6-1-09) and it was a nail biter! It came down to that final out ... it was 6 (AP) to 5 (UP) in the bottom of the 7th. A UP player on first with 2 outs and 2 strikes on the batter, the UP player on 1st steals, then the ball gets thrown about a bit only to end up at home with AP's Catcher, Andrew, putting the tag on the UP runner at home for the third out! Ty Bussart pitched the first five innings and he only gave up one run! Azalea Park D-Backs played a great game!!
CONGRATULATIONS Azalea Park D-Backs Players ... and Coaches and Parents ... on being the 2009 Senior Baseball District 24 Tournament of Champion Runner-Ups!!

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