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League Scorecard

Based on completing essential functions each season - in addition to putting on a fantastic, enjoyable, and memorable season for all the boys and girls in their respective leagues - each local league will be evaluated and graded accordingly. Our goal is for each league to have an "A" all year long - and especially by the end of the season.

How's your home league doing? Check it out below! Want to know what criteria is used to get to their ongoing grade? Check out the "Ag & Oil Legacy Challenge" standings below. The items highlighted in RED are essential functions. If they're completed, done on time, and/or go above & beyond, full points will be awarded!

Arvin Little League - Current Grade: C+

Delano Little League - Current Grade: D

Greenfield Little League - Current Grade: B-

Wasco Little League - Current Grade: B+

Westside Little League - Current Grade: A-

Ag & Oil Legacy Challenge


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