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Home Run Club Members

Starting in 2017, we (NLL) launched an effort to significantly improve our complex as part of our 65th Anniversary. 
Since that time we have spent over $100,000 in capital improvement projects and have several other efforts scheduled for the future.
This page serves as a special thank you to all of the families who have made donations to the Home Run Club to help Naamans Little League!

 Family Name Level
Alvord Single
Amobi Single
Andreoli Single
Aulick Triple
Barlow Single
Barnhart Single
Baronsky Single
Bascelli Single
Baumberger Single
Beach Single
Blount Single
Bobowicz Custom
Bocchino Single
Borzio Home Run
Bramble Single
Brandt Single
Brunner Single
Byrnes Custom
Callaghan Single
Campbell Double
Campbell Home Run
Campbell Home Run
Carr Home Run
Carter Custom
Catalina Triple
Clayton Single
Conaty Home Run
Cortale Single
Dandurand Single
Davis Double
Defeo Single
Degnan Single
Derbyshire Single
DesMarais Single
DiGiovanni Single
Dillard Single
Doten Home Run
Dougherty Single
Downes Double
Fabris Single
Fahnoe Home Run
Fauerbach Double
Fenice Custom
Flynn Single
Foster Custom
Fox Single
Frank Single
Frenck Home Run
Friedrich Home Run
Gilpert Single
Gioe Triple
Gissendaner Single
Goetz Home Run
Gordon Single
Goudy Single
Gray Home Run
Guzevich Single
Hafer Home Run
Hamilton Single
Harrison Single
Harron Home Run
Heckles Double
Hisamuddin Single
Honisch Single
Honisch Single
Hoopes Jr. Single
Hudson Home Run
Johnson Single
Kahn Single
Kelly Single
Kennedy Custom
Khan Single
Khan Single
Krikelis Single
Labik Single
LaPerle Single
Laskas Custom
Lavinson Home Run
Levine Single
Littleton Triple
Lounsbury Single
Lynch Custom
MacBride Single
maitland Double
Malloy Home Run
Maloney Single
Marshall Home Run
Martin Single
Mays Single
Mazzotta Single
Mcconnell Single
McDonnell Single
McDonnell Single
McDonnell Single
McGinley Home Run
McKenna Custom
McKenzie Single
Meixell Single
Melican Home Run
Melican Home Run
Merritt Single
Mills Single
Moore Single
Morrow Single
Mozol Custom
Mulvena Single
Murray Single
Neutz Home Run
Oberholzer Single
O'Halloran Single
Panik Single
Petrillo Single
Pfaff Single
Pollock Single
Priest Single
Pugh Single
Querey Single
Raab Home Run
Ranauto Custom
Randall Double
Riccardi Single
Rice Custom
Riches Single
Robinette Double
Rossi Custom
Rossi Custom
Rowe Single
Rubino Custom
Russell Single
Rzucidlo Single
Satterfield Single
Sawyer Custom
Sheets Custom
Sheppard Single
Sklodowski Custom
Smith Home Run
Smyth Single
Spychalski Single
stanton Custom
Stiebel Single
Swasey Double
Szczepanek Single
Taylor Single
Tetrick Single
Tray Single
Trievel Double
Tulibacki Custom
Ufberg Custom
Vandenbraak Double
wachter Single
Whittaker Single
Wilke Single
Wilke Single
Wojcik Custom
Wolcott Double
Wolcott Double
Younger Double
Zahnow Home Run
Zakielarz Single

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