Snack Shack Information

Naamans Snack Shack Information

            Welcome to the 2022 season!  Naamans Snack Shack will re-open this year.  It is a central location during games that provides the flexibility of food, drinks, snack and fun for families!  The Snack Shack is also a significant source of revenue for the league.  The profits have contributed to many of the updates that you see around the fields. 

But we need your help!  We rely on all Naamans’ families to assist with the Snack Shack during the season.  Working shifts in the Snack Shack is mandatory for each player’s family during the 2022 spring season.  Every player’s family will be assigned to cover the Snack Shack.  In the past, assigning shifts for the Snack Shack fell to the coaches.  As you can imagine, our volunteer coaches already have plenty to do with coaching, coordinating, and communicating with families.  This year, every team will be required to appoint one parent representative to assign Snack Shack shifts. 

·         The coach will ask for a parent to volunteer as the parent representative for the team.  Please volunteer and help out your coach and the league!  If you have signed up to help with the Snack Shack when registering, this is where we need you most. 

·         The Snack Shack Coordinator will notify the parent reps of the team’s assigned shifts.  The parent reps will assign families from the team to each shift and communicate the shift assignments to the coordinator.  Assignments are per player, and not per family.

·         The league will do its best to maintain a list of teenagers on the NLL website who are willing to work assigned shifts for $35 per shift.  It is the assigned parent’s responsibility to find a teenager to hire and to pay them directly.  The league cannot schedule coverage or receive payments.  All such assignments must be communicated to the parent rep and the Snack Shack Coordinator.  If you have a child age 14 or older who would like to be added to the list, please email the name and phone number to the contact below.

·         Volunteers must appear for assigned shifts or have coordinated a paid teen to work the shift.  Games may be delayed if volunteers are not in the Snack Shack.

·         Instructions for working the Snack Shack will be available during your shift in the Snack Shack.  We will be keeping it simple this year.  No grilling or frying.

Snack Shack Coordinator for the 2022 Season
Stacey Stewart
302-383-6946 (please text with any schedule changes)
[email protected]


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