Basic Safety Rules

 Safety Officer President
 Dan McConnell Mike Donovan
 n[email protected] [email protected]
 (302) 563-9589

A link to the ASAP Safety Plan may be found in the "links" section below.

Injury Treatment, Procedures, and Reporting

  • In case of emergency, call 911.
  • In case of severe injury, do not move the injured person.  Call 911.

  • All injuries to managers, coaches, and players must be reported to the safety officer and injury reporting paperwork must be completed (see Coaches Resources/Injury Reporting).

  • First aid kits and cold packs:
    • Must be available at all practices and games.

    • Must be maintained and properly stocked in all field sheds on the complex.

    • Managers should contact safety officer to replenish first aid kits and cold packs in field sheds or to obtain materials for off-site use.

  • Injury Prevention: Equipment

  • All equipment must be inspected on a regular basis, and before distribution for use by players, umpires, and coaches, by the equipment manager.
  • Managers and/or umpires must inspect playing areas before all practices and games for holes, damage, stones, glass, and other foreign objects.

  • Before every game, umpires must check that all equipment is in safe operating order.

  • Shoes with metal spikes are prohibited.

  • Only players may warm up pitchers, and must wear a cup, catcher’s mitt, and catcher’s mask while doing so.

  • All catchers are required to wear a cup.

  • All catchers masks must have a “dangling” type throat guard at all times.

  • Player at catcher must wear a mask when coaches are hitting infield/outfield.

  • Players may not wear any form of jewelry or metallic objects unless for medical reasons.


Injury Prevention: Game Procedures

  • On deck batters are not permitted.  No practice swings until a player approaches the batter’s box.
  • Except when a player is returning to a base, head first slides are prohibited.

  • Safety should be a major factor when making a decision about terminating a game due to weather or darkness.

  • League lightning policy must be followed (see link to ASAP plan for lightning policy starts at page 19).


  • All Board members, managers, coaches and individuals that come into regular contact with players in the performance of their volunteer duties must submit a volunteer application form.
  • Only League approved managers and/or coaches are allowed to conduct practice and games.

  • Any and all other national and local rules must be observed at all times.


 A link to the ASAP Safety Plan may be found in the "links" section below.

How to Report Safety Issues / Concerns

"If You See Something, Say Something"..............let's keep our baseball complex safe for all those who come to it.  If you see a safety-related issue with the fields, equipment, or general complex, please inform Dan McDonnell (Naamans Safety Officer) at [email protected].


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