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Code of Conduct for Players



-         Our expectation is that parents and children will abide by our rules and regulations

-         When the situation occurs, discussions with Coaches and Parents should be in a professional and respectful manner to resolve all concerns

-         When a Parent and Coach disagree and a mutual agreement can’t be reached, the Little League Board will become involved with the ultimate goal of providing resolution that is in the best interest of the entire team.

We have adopted a four-step process to support a positive behavior change so all children involved will develop and have a positive sports experience.

The coach will be responsible for conducting steps one and two and communicate to parent and/or guardian.


Step 1-          Verbal warning

Step 2-
          Player will be asked to sit out


The coach will then contact the Board and communicate concerns


Step 3-
          Player will be asked to NOT attend the next scheduled event.  When the player returns, they will have set goals around how they will improve.  Player will share goals with the coach and parent/guardian together

Step 4-
          Player will be dismissed from the team sport if behavior continues and goals are not achieved.

* The Granville Little League reserves the right to implement steps/actions which they deem necessary.

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