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Code of Conduct for Coaches





The Granville Little League Board has established a standard that ALL Coaches are expected to abide by.

-Coaches are expected to abide by all rules and regulations of the Granville Youth League

-Coaches are expected to act in a professional and responsible manner at all times while acting as a role model for their athletes

-Coaches will handle all matters concerning his/her team at the team level first with their athletes and if necessary, with the parents/guardians involvement.  Only after this has been attempted, will the Board become involved.

-While Parents and Athletes of the league have their own code of conduct, the Coach will remain professional and respectful at all times, even if faced with an adverse situation.  It is the responsibility of the Coach to maintain composure in front of his/her team and as soon as possible, contact the Board for immediate involvement.

The Granville Little League Board has adopted a three-step process for disciplining a Coach for behavior detrimental to a team

Step 1-
Coach will meet with the Board and will be issued a verbal warning for his/her behavior

Coach will again meet with the Board and receive a written notice of discipline which will include in detail, the behaviors which warranted the notice as well as a final warning of termination if there are any further acts of unprofessionalism

Coach will be immediately terminated from any further contact with Granville Little League Athletes as a coach in the league.

* The Granville Little League reserves the right to implement steps/actions which they deem necessary.


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