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Flag Football

Flag Football players (League age 5 to 8) are exposed to the first stages of football with respect to running, throwing, catching, TEAMWORK, and good SPORTSMANSHIP.  Practices are held twice a week, usually Tuesdays and Thursdays,  starting early August for approximately 90 minutes .  The practices are structured to be fun and informative, but with a focus on high energy output.  Games are structured so that all players on the team rotate to different positions and get as much playing time as possible.  Flag football games do not involve any score keeping, so once again, the focus is on being a part of a TEAM and having fun. 

SC Lions will again this year have 2 flag divisions.  In House Flag Football and Travel Flag Football.  The Travel Flag Football team will be comprised of flag age players with an older sibling participating in another SC Lions program.  This is for the travel convenience of the family.  They will follow the same schedule as the varsity levels on the tackle football teams.  All other players will be placed on the in house division.  Both divisions will deliver a great and competitive environment for your flag player to learn the game.  As indicative in the name, the Travel Flag Football program will travel to other teams within the league, while the In House Flag Football program will play all of their games in the State College area. 

All flag programs will not be scored and will have 8 men teams.  There will be 4 - 10 minute running quarters with a 10 minute half.  Clock will be stopped after scoring play to reset ball. The travel team will follow the same schedule as the PW and Midget teams, while the In-House League will have all practices and games in State College.  

Tackle Football - (Pee-Wee, Juniors & Seniors)

The tackle football experience starts with the Pee-Wee division (League ages 8 & 9).  Pee-Wee football builds on the experience from the Flag football years, but starts taking expectations to the next level.  Similarly, the Juniors and Seniors divisions will build on the experiences learned during Flag and Pee-Wee football, but takes the expectations and demands even further. 

Every year, the first three Heat Acclimation Practices are used to evaluate new football players and re-evaluate returning players for each division so the Coaches can determine where they may fit into each of the TEAM oriented programs.  In other words, just because a Pee-Wee player had the skills of a lineman one year does not mean that they will continue to be a lineman in the future. 

As full pad and contact practices begin at both levels, the players with different abilities will be separated during drills to make sure they are paired with players of similar size, strength and ability.  Coaches often refer to these drill designations as "Maroon" and "Grey" or "Varsity" and "JV".  Once a player demonstrates that they are physically able to step up from JV to Varsity, they will be closely monitored by the Coaches to ensure the player's SAFETY at all times.  Similarly, if a player isn't able to handle the Varsity level of play, they will be placed with the JV level and their play will be monitored closely to ensure the SAFETY of the other JV players accordingly.  It is not uncommon for some players to move back and forth during the football season.

As the season progresses in the tackle divisions, all players will be taught, then asked to know and execute SAFE tackling and blocking skills in addition to Offensive and Defensive plays, schemes or assignments effectively.  Playing time at both levels, but especially the Midget division, will now start to evolve around a player's continual ability to perform at a high level of efficiency, energy and effectiveness.  But, regardless of any players ability to accomplish these tasks effectively, they will get plenty of playing time at either the Varsity or JV games and in some cases they will be deemed as "Both" players and will get playing time during both games at each division each week.  A key point to remember about players designated as "Both" players is that they may be asked to play different positions during Varisty and JV games based upon the needs of the TEAM and the opportunity to "Cross train" or develop specific skills of that player for a future role.

At various times throughout the season, players from either division may be moved to different positions that better fit their emerging abilities or the immediate needs of their TEAM.  In some situations, depending on the ability of the player, they will play more than one position during a practice, game or Season.  In this way, both programs are preparing the players for the eventual situation that will inevitably occur as the player continues to play football in Middle School, High School and maybe even College.

In addition to the information contained above, all Coaches work endlessly to teach not only the physical fundamentals of playing football, but the mental aspects so as to build a foundation of "Football Intelligence" that will help any football player understand and excel at the sport for the rest of their lives. 

And finally, all of this football learning goes on, encompassed by the basic concepts of HARD WORK, TEAMWORK and SPORTSMANSHIP.

Obviously, all aspects of our football philosophy can't be contained on this website, but If you have any questions, please go to the CONTACT US page and send an email so we can address your specific concern.


Flag football is $100 for the season.  All other divisions are $150.  Registration fees include your concession donation.  No need to pay additional fees during the year. We will ask for your participation in working the concession stand for a shift during the season.  

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