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The following information is the most current version of the JVFL rules that impact Football player eligibility.  Other important topics that will impact your decision as a parent to determine which Youth Football program fits the best for your family are also discussed.  After the season ends each year, all League rules and regulations are evaluated by the JVFL Board of Directors and changes are made accordingly.  The SC Lions program attempts to keep this website as current as possible, but in the event you have questions during the off-season about participant eligibility or the other important topics listed below, please contact one of the SC Lions Board members from the contact information provided in the "CONTACT US" tab above.

League Age

The age of any Football Player within the JVFL is determined by the age of that individual on August 1st of that League year.  Please note that there is an opportunity for League age 13 year olds under 150 lbs (between the tackles) to play in the JVFL, but the SC Lions Program strongly encourages those Middle School eligible players to play for either Mount Nittany MS or Park Forest MS instead.  Since each situation is different, if you have any questions about this topic, please go to the "CONTACT US" tab and send one of the SC Lions Board members an e-mail so they can call and discuss your individual situation with you so that the best choice can be made for everyone involved. 

Player Weight Restrictions

All players of both tackle divisions will be weighed before the first game of every season and a Team weight chart will be submitted to the JVFL.  Once the player makes weight, they are good for the entire season.  Players are allowed to continue to weigh-in until they make weight. 
The following weight restrictions apply for the two tackle divisions only:
Pee-Wee - Unlimited weight from Tackle to Tackle on the offensive line and at Defensive Tackle on the defensive line. 
Midget - Unlimited weight from Tackle to Tackle on the offensive line and at Defensive Tackle on the defensive line. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Please contact an SC Lions board member under the "CONTACT US" tab above for clarification.

Ball Carrier Weight Restrictions
The JVFL has instituted a ball carrier weight restriction for the 2019 season.  This weight is 115 lbs for any Pee-Wee player and 155 lbs for any Midget player that carries the ball during an offensive play designed specifically for that position.  This impacts the following positions on offense ...any running back, quarterback, tight end or wide receiver or any other player position that meets the intent of this rule and all defenders except ... any defensive lineman lining head up or inside of the offensive tackles.  Please note that this does not impact any defensive players during league play that recover a fumble or intercept  a pass.  In these situations, the player is allowed to advance the ball as normal league play rules allow.

"JV" Game Format vs the Minimum Play Format
The JVFL does not have a minimum play rule for any League game.  Rather, to insure playing time for every participant in the tackle divisions, the JVFL schedules "JV" games during weekdays in which the younger, less experienced players participate to develop their game playing skills versus players from the opposing team of the same level and ability.  In a minimum play format, since all players must play a mandatory number of plays on Offense and Defense in each League game, mismatches between players of different ages, size, and abilities can occur.  But, with the "JV" game format, all players, regardless of age, ability, or football experience will play in a meaningful and competitive football game each week of the season barring injury or scheduling conflicts due to Holidays.  There is a weight limit in JV games of 115 for Pee-Wee and 155 for Midget.  In order to ensure the proper placement of players on Varsity and JV rosters, teams are mandated to keep 25% of their team out of JV games.  This allows for teams with smaller numbers to still field a complete JV roster, while still accounting for teams with more players.  Over 10 years of experience in the JVFL has proven the value of the "JV" game format for the entire SC Lions organization and especially for players that go on to player at the next level because it focuses on the development of each player, at the right position, in a SAFE and appropriate game experience.  

Official Game Rules and Fair Play
The JVFL adheres to most Official PIAA Game rules and uses PIAA Certified Officials for all tackle division games.  For those PIAA rules that create an unfair advantage for any player or team at any division, the JVFL modifies the game rules accordingly.  The JVFL uses the experience gained from over 50 years in the Youth Football arena to determine which rules should be modified to keep the quality and fairness of the football experience as high as possible for all participants.  Two examples at the Pee-Wee division are the limitation of Defensive schemes and the elimination of blitzes so that the Offense can regularly execute plays effectively.  If you have any specific questions, please contact an SC Lions board member under the "CONTACT US" tab above.

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